10 Steps Guide for Successful Salesforce Implementation: A 2023 Checklist for Every Business

Salesforce is one of the biggest CRM solution providers in the world, with the largest customer base. Salesforce implementation with businesses has proven a boon in terms of growth, more sales, return on investment, and stronger customer relationship.

The advanced capabilities of Salesforce CRM can be seen in the fact that almost all major companies like Spotify, Toyota, Canon, American Express, and l’Oreal are using this solution and leveraging its excellence.

If you are here and reading this post, we assume that you are planning to go for Salesforce implementation services. If yes, then you have arrived at the right place.

According to a survey by Salesforce, businesses that have adopted the Salesforce technology have experienced a 37% increment in their revenue & business effectiveness.

Let’s move ahead and understand the ten steps guide for Salesforce implementation. After reading this post, you will be able to have insightful & well-informed talks with your Salesforce consulting company.

Before we dive deep, let’s briefly understand Salesforce implementation.

salesforce implementation

Salesforce Implementation: A Brief Introduction

What is Salesforce implementation? What are the advantages of Salesforce implementation? How does Salesforce implementation improve business effectiveness? 

The answer to all these questions is simple. Salesforce implementation is a well-defined process of rolling out all core products of CRM that will help businesses centralize their core processes and communication.

Salesforce has a wide range of products such as sales cloud, service cloud, marketing cloud, etc., and it has a plethora of third-party tools on AppExchange that improve the operational power of business.

The bundle of tools and solutions by Salesforce are designed and developed, keeping every need of a business that takes care of the entire business operation and brings efficiency. 

The implementation of Salesforce CRM is a long and tricky process. It requires guidance from an expert Salesforce consultant or a Salesforce consulting company. 

Businesses often get confused with the technical terms that Salesforce consulting providers use. To help you understand those terms, we are here with the step-by-step guide on Salesforce implementation.


Steps for Successful Salesforce Implementation


Step 1

Every Stakeholder on the Same Page

Before the process of implementation even gets started it is essential to keep every stakeholder in the conversation and understand the complete picture of your business requirement for Salesforce implementation.

Understand the internal challenges; learn the pain points of the business users that come while executing the tasks, and so on.

In this way, you will be able to understand the problem that needs to be solved with Salesforce implementation.


Step 2

Prepare Proper Documentation

Once you have a proper understanding of the entire process, it’s time to document them so that you will get to know the workflow process more closely. It is advisable to always document all the internal processes and daily tasks of each department.


Step 3

Set Project Timeline & Budget

One of the most important parts before the Salesforce implementation services get started is to finalize the project timeline and its budget. It will help you to avoid the situation of overlapping implementation projects on the existing projects. It will also help businesses reduce resource shortages and help in resource planning.

It is important to prior define the entire project timeline along with the plan, possible rollouts, testing, and kickoff meetings.  


Step 4

Anticipate Every Scenarios of Project Outcome

When a Salesforce implementation project gets in motion, the possibilities are numerous for getting different outcomes. Several factors influence a Salesforce implementation project, such as the size of the company, the amount of data to import, the level of customization, and so on.

One should always consider all the factors so that there will be less chance of probable risks.


Step 5

Have Metrics for Success

Once the project gets started, make sure you have finalized certain metrics of its success. These metrics should be tangible and can be experienced, such as a reduction in time of case resolution, an increase in lead flow, etc.

If you establish success metrics prior to the starting of the project, it will help you achieve your goal easily. And if required you can also implement strategy accordingly.


Step 6

Proper Communication Channel

A successful project is always backed by the strongest communication channels. Salesforce implementation is a long process that requires collaboration among various stakeholders.

It can only be achieved if there is seamless communication flowing in an organization.


Step 7

Appoint Key People

Every project has its own stakeholders. Salesforce implementation is no exception. Whenever you go for Salesforce implementation services, always appoint key people that are responsible for the Salesforce implementation process. These people are responsible for having a conversation with the Salesforce professionals, their internal team, and other stakeholders. These people will be liable and answerable for the status of the project.

The following could be the stakeholders for Salesforce implementation projects – 

  • Senior management of the company
  • The user of the platform
  • Teams from sales, marketing, and service departments
  • Channel partners
  • Customers
  • IT specialists


Step 8

Prepare Source Data

It is a better option to prepare the data before the actual implementation process takes place. Make sure that all your data is free of errors and that it is fully accurate. The accuracy of the data ensures the nourishment of the new business operations and new system.


Step 9

Change Management Plan

Implementation of the new software introduces new things in business. Changes often bring resistance among employees or stakeholders. Therefore, it will be great if you have a proper change management plan.

To learn more about change management, you can click here. This article will help you with successful Salesforce implementation without any jitters.


Step 10

Proper Understanding

A proper understanding of the Salesforce structure and user interface is essential for the stakeholder and users. Learn about the look, feel, and structure of the Salesforce solution. 

Understanding the Salesforce structure will empower your team to manage your expectations in regard to system capabilities.


Salesforce implementation is a lengthy process, and it will help businesses improve their efficiency, productivity, and growth. The ten steps Salesforce implementation guide will prove helpful to you and help you make a well-informed decision whenever you hire a Salesforce consulting company.

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