Why Simplyforce Is Now FEXLE Services?

FEXLE Services is a renowned software consultation organization for SaaS services. It was previously known as Simplyforce Technology Pvt Ltd. The company is sustaining for six years in the industry and constantly growing. Fexle also deals in cloud-based solutions since 2013. 

You must be thinking, if Simplyforce was a leading software consulting firm in Jaipur then why was the organization’s name changed?

Well, when the firm was named as Simplyforce, it has faced a lot of impediments such as Salesforce, the cloud computing service objected to the use of ‘force’, as it was a violation of branding compliance. This also became the reason that Salesforce rejected company’s partnership proposal twice, first in 2015, then in 2017. 

One of the reasons for changing company’s name was the objective of our company and the name didn’t go well. As the name somewhere depicted that our organization either deal with or is related to Salesforce. However, Simplyforce precisely wanted to start with  Salesforce partnership but our aim was not to limit there but visioned to cover more ground, therefore wanted to extend partnerships with other cloud-computing services. 

That’s why took advice from a branding advisor company and explained the issues our company was facing. Together, they came up with the name FEXLE – an acronym for Focused on Excellency. FEXLE is a five-character word. It is appealing and easy to recall. 

After changing the company’s name to FEXLE Services, every hindrance caused earlier due to the name was eliminated. 

Now, our company has become a consulting partner with Salesforce. It also owns a physical office in the US, with business in Plano, Texas. 

The cloud-based solution company, FEXLE  is already in process to get a partnership with PDO and is also applying for Commerce Cloud, Mulesoft, Marketing Cloud, Herdot and Pardot partnership.  By just changing the company’s name from Simplyforce to FEXLE, it all became feasible. 

The company has a team of administrators, certified consultants and developers. With more than 200 successful projects, it brings an exceptional quality of work on the table. It has a certified team to handle migration, initial setup and also have AppExchange products experts in the house. Soon the future partnerships, that they aspire to deal with, will help the company to grow more. 

By changing the name, we FEXLE as a company will now envision to become a leading software consulting firm in Jaipur and get recognized as one of the best salesforce consulting companies in the coming years.

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