What is Salesforce Vlocity, and How is it Beneficial for Different Industries?

Salesforce always walks the extra mile, when it comes to customer satisfaction and customer experience. The Cloud CRM platform serves a gamut of industries with its wide range of products, allowing them to deliver the utmost customer satisfaction and build stronger customer relationships.

Salesforce partners and Salesforce consulting companies are also here helping businesses in introducing automation and leveraging 360-degree growth via the customer 360 platforms.

In 2020, Salesforce made every head turn with its then biggest acquisition of Vlocity. The aim of the acquisition was to include and serve more industries such as communication, media, services, etc. 

Vlocity has now become an essential part of the Salesforce ecosystem. Still, many of us are not aware of this new Salesforce product. So, in this article, we will discuss Vlocity, its name, its features, and the industries that are leveraging its brilliance.

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Understanding Vlocity in Brief

Salesforce Vlocity is a solution that offers pre-built solutions on the SF platform. These solutions are related to specific industries catering to industry-specific requirements. The best of Vlocity solutions is their capability to get customized at scale as per business requirements from various industry verticals like media, communication, insurance, health, finance, energy, and many more.

The solutions that are built over the Vlocity platform offer a wide range of services such as marketing, sales, cash processing, service channels & solutions, and more. 

The acquisition of Vlocity by Salesforce has given birth to Salesforce Industries which was developed to let specific industries leverage the best of both worlds, Salesforce & Vlocity.


What is Salesforce Industries?

By acquiring Vlocity, Salesforce has expanded its horizon into a new vertical solution to empower certain industries with out-of-the-box Salesforce solutions that empower them and help them generate more profit, increase sales, garner strong customer relationships, and elevate the business process.

Salesforce has different clouds catering to different industries. As of now, there are twelve clouds that are paving their path in Vlocity apps.

  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare & Life Science
  • Communications
  • Consumer Goods
  • Public Sector
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Media
  • Transportation and Hospitality
  • Automotive
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Education
  • Philanthropy
  • NonProfit
  • Sustainability

Businesses that come under these twelve industries can directly make entries in making more customer-centric solutions and easily broaden their present SF data model. 


The Exemplary Features of Salesforce Vlocity

Salesforce Vlocity is equipped with numerous features. Some of the most important ones that you should know before you hire Salesforce consultants are as follows – 


The DataRaptor is a tool that allows users to manage Salesforce data. Users can fetch data, view it, read the data and transform it in a way business requires. 


A user can design and build a business process with the help of the Omniscript tool. A guided path built by this tool enables the users to follow that path in order to complete a specific business process flow.

IDX Build Tool

This is one of its kind command line tools. The IDX build tool enables businesses to automatically pack and migrate data packs of Omnistudio in a controlled format.

Integration Procedures

This feature of Salesforce Vlocity is related to the server-side process. It helps businesses empower their service-related calls and enable the service team to execute multiple actions in one go.

Hire a certified Salesforce professional services provider, they will curate industry-specific solutions for your business by leveraging the best coding skills and Salesforce automation tools.

Flex Cards

The Flexcards come quite handy for the customers in helping them execute the communication with your business. The cards display contextual information. These work as beginning and ending points for every customer transaction. Flex cards are cross-device friendly, and they display data from multiple sources. Salesforce users can quickly build Flexcards with simple drag-and-drop elements.


Advantages of Salesforce Vlocity

Salesforce Vlocity empowers businesses and offers numerous advantages to businesses that help them achieve their goal – 

Comprehensive Solution – Salesforce Vlocity provide its users with a 360-degree business solution with respect to the sales process. It helps businesses –both B2B and B2C – in improving digital customer conversation.

Expansion – Salesforce Vlocity helps businesses expand sales & services and give the best marketing agility.

CPQ – One of the best benefits of Salesforce Vlocity is its ability manages the quote process. It also helps businesses in managing the policy administration process, claim management process, and all essential business services under one roof.

Pre-Configured Transactions – The users of Salesforce Vlocity can experience substantial numbers of pre-configured transactions that can be effectively applied once properly downloaded.

Easy-to-Use – The use of Vlocity is quite simple. It is an easy click-and-point tool that helps developers in many ways.


How to Get Certified for Salesforce Vlocity?

A person, who wishes to work on Omnistudio for Vlocity, has to acquire Industries Certification. An individual can get certified for one or all industry certificates.  Here’s the detail of the certifications – 


Salesforce Certified Omnistudio Developer Credential

If you possess skills and experience in building cloud apps, this certification is the right choice for you.

Salesforce Certified Industries CPQ Developer Credential

Do you create applications related to the CPQ process (Configure, Price, and Quote)? If yes, then this certification is a go-get for you. 

Salesforce Certified OnicStudio Consultants Credential

All those individuals who have hands-on consulting experience with cloud apps can go for this certification.



The advent of Salesforce Vlocity has brought an opportunity for industries like media and communication to serve their customers in a more personalized manner. The platform also empowers the developers to build solutions that are business-oriented and at par with industry requirements.

You can hire a Salesforce consulting company. The certified professional guidance will help you harness the power of Vlocity for the greater good.

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