Ways To Empower Channel Partners & Improve Customer Experiences With AI

Usually, businesses sell their products and services via third parties, including dealers & distributors. Channel revenue is one of the main elements for a company to grow. It works better if partners can procure new customers and deliver quality products at competitive prices along with better customer service.

According to the statistics, the experience provided by brands and customer services delivered is equally essential as marketed services and products. Therefore, by empowering channel partners, businesses can increase channel revenue to provide superb customer experiences. But, coordinating with the marketing efforts of channel partners can be quite tricky. That’s where technologies like AI can help by organizing foster partner engagement, robust channel marketing strategies, along with providing partners proper insights and right tools to enhance sales and hence increase revenue.

There are several ways to take advantage of artificial intelligence to help partners, in turn, augmenting marketing success.

Provide Tools To Partners

Nowadays, customers demand customization. With the growing need for personalization, companies must focus on catering to the customers’ needs. With AI-powered distributed marketing, this can be made possible. The technology can enable partners to personalize, pre-build email templates, in turn, helping channel partners to sell products.

With automated customer journeys and customized email templates for channel partners, delivering customized experiences to their customers throughout can be easy, while keeping in mind your brand.

Artificial Intelligence provides all the tools to channel partners, which enables them to provide a better experience at each touchpoint.

Enable & Engage Channel Partners 

Artificial Intelligence can help you build trust with channel partners, thereby establishing an understanding among them. This will help them focus on enhancing value & stimulating performance, rather than focusing on the discussion on strategies to promote and sell products.

With the help of AI, you can automate partner enablement journeys, customized as per a channel partner.

Through journeys, you can also incorporate ways to guide partners about the latest products and services.  This will help them in delivering better customer experiences and provide them with new opportunities to cross-sell, upsell, and more, in turn, increasing revenue.

Moreover, you can also design customized enablement, which works with partners through mobile or email and helps in communicating with them when they are available. To deliver great customer experiences, channel partners must know all about the brand’s service, product, and delivery details.

Measure & Optimize Channel Performance

When you work with channel partners, where to invest in marketing, to get quick results. Earlier, calculating ROI was a difficult task as timeliness, and precision of reporting may differ.

Artificial Intelligence makes the reporting process systematic and straightforward among all your channel partners. This helps in calculating how much revenue is generated by each partner by every campaign. With best AI-powered tools, you can keep track of market development, partner performance, ROI, and more. As you will have all the insights, you can work on a new strategy or follow an original path, if the existing one doesn’t work to increase revenue and augment ROI of your strategy and channel program.

Track & Share Customer Insights

With AI, you can examine your customers’ activities throughout the buying cycle. When you combine artificial intelligence insights with marketing campaigns and site activity with additional audience data from a DMP, you can get ideas to assist in optimizing the marketing efforts of channel partners.

With the Data Management Platform, you can check common traits shared by customers in geographic locations & distribute them specifically.

With all these reports, you & channel partners can work together to provide personalized experiences over emails, web, ads and more to get an increase in revenue from current and new customers.

So, these are some of the ways Artificial Intelligence can empower channel partners to provide personalized customer experiences to increase revenue and growth in business. Want to know how you can get that for your business? Don’t worry, FEXLE will help you with the same. FEXLE has a team of experts who can help you get Artificial Intelligence-powered tools to help you analyze customer behavior so that you can customize customer experiences.


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