TrailheaDX 2024, an AI Developer Conference is Happening – A Complete Guide

Salesforce never fails to keep the momentum low for the community people. Whether it is about multiple seasonal releases & updates or about the events and happenings, it keeps the Salesforce community eager beaver throughout the year. Like every year, the Cloud CRM company is here with TrailheaDX. It is an annual event that is generally held in the United States.

By the way did you know that now this event is called TrailblazerDX?


What is TrailheaDX?

TrailblazerDX (formally TrailheaDX) is an annual event that takes place in the realm of Salesforce. The event is dedicated to Salesforce Admins, Developers, and others who actively perform development work using Salesforce platform.

The tone of the event is purely technical, allowing trailblazer to get insights of Salesforce features via demos along with product development roadmap, and other exciting announcements.


When is TrailblazerDX 2024 Happening?

There is good news for the Salesforce community as the dates of the events are now officially here. The annual Salesforce Developer event is going to take place on 6th and 7th March 2024. 

This AI developer conference will happen in San Francisco. For those who are not able to join the event in person, they can experience the event via Salesforce+, a live streaming platform.


TrailheaDX (now TrailblazerDX) – A Call for Participation Now Open

It’s the time of the year for the Salesforce community, especially for developers, admins, and architects to flock from across the globe, learn, and share their insights.

If you are a Salesforce developer, and want to participate in the event as a speaker, this is your chance. 

Salesforce on their official TrailblazerDX portal has invited signup for this annual tech conference. The early birds will get 50% off the sign up price and also get a discount coupon for your friends with Insiders Bundle.

The early participants will have leverage of getting updated on all important dates related to speakers, announcements, session information, and much more.

Whether it is a story related to solution building , career advice, or implementation best practices, you are welcome to share with your fellow trailblazers.


The Four Major Session Types to Participate

TrailblazerDX events are generally classified into four kinds of sessions. You can submit your participation in any of the following –

Community Campfire

This is a small session that runs for around 20 minutes. It is an interactive session that focuses on building connections between attendees and with community leaders. The attendees can showcase their learning or expertise in products or solutions and get a gateway to career growth.

Theater Session 

The theatre sessions also run for 20 minutes. Engage in concise and impactful talks with technical solutions and live demos, exploring specific product areas or solutions. While Q&A sessions are not typically included during the presentation, speakers are available afterward to address attendees’ questions.


Breakout Session 

Then there is the breakout session. It runs for 40 minutes and usually happens in the dedicated session rooms. With generous 40-minute duration, these sessions provide ample time to delve deep into a topic, ensuring comprehensive coverage, and allowing speakers to address any questions from the attendees.


Deep-Dive Panel

It is the longest running session among four, which runs for more than one hour. So brace yourself for the longest and most immersive session—the Deep-Dive Panel in TrailheaDX. 

The initial 25 minutes feature a real-world technical project demo. Following this, engage in a dynamic Q&A session where attendees and a panel of experts contribute, fostering a profound and insightful conversation on the topic at hand.


What Topics to Cover in TrailblazerDX 2024?

The event is mostly focused on the technical audience, which includes, admins, architects, and developers. Therefore, we advise you to keep your content strictly technical so that the audience can build their skills, enhance careers, and get a chance to elevate their business growth by leveraging the knowledge from the session.

Here are some of the examples of the topic to cover in TrailblazerDX event (formally TrailheaDX) – 


Deep Dive into Technical Expertise:

Unleash your knowledge on a technical topic where your expertise shines. It could revolve around a specific feature, a groundbreaking solution you’ve crafted, or a passion project supported by your personal experiences. Remember, enthusiasm is contagious!

Harnessing Generative AI in Your Work:

Illuminate us on your experiences with generative AI. Whether you’re sculpting workstreams and solutions using Salesforce AI products or collaborating with tech partners like OpenAI or Anthropic, share how you’re integrating AI into your apps and leveraging it to enhance your work.

Navigating New Salesforce Features:

If you’ve explored the latest Salesforce innovations, such as AI, Data Cloud, or automation features, the audience at TrailheaDX wants to hear about it! Whether you’ve had early access to pilots or betas on the Salesforce Platform, your insights on upcoming features and changes are invaluable. Topics covering Salesforce development, admin practices, and architectural insights are also highly sought after.

Tips, Tricks, and Career Insights:

Got valuable advice, tips, or career insights to share? The Community Campfire is the perfect space! From networking strategies to overcoming workplace challenges and utilizing AI in job searches, bring forth any conversational topic that propels Trailblazers toward excellence in their careers.

Top 5 Reasons to be Present at TrailblazerDX 2024

Are you ready to dive into the world of knowledge-sharing and skill-building? This is your time. The event is seeking for the dynamic expert sessions that caters to technical audiences, including admins, architects, and developers.

Participating in the event will give you an opportunity to share your knowledge, expertise, and experience with Salesforce integration and the AI powered products of Salesforce. 

Strengthen your connection, build new connections, and showcase your CRM power to the world. Here are top 5 reasons of why you should apply for the event – 

  • Share your expertise and knowledge with a large audience
  • Build your reputation as a Salesforce expert
  • Network with other Salesforce professionals
  • Get free access to all of the sessions, workshops, and demos at TrailheaDX
  • Have the opportunity to win prizes

Conclusion – Shine as a Salesforce Expert at TrailblazerDX 

As we draw the curtains on the enlightening odyssey through the realms of TrailheaDX, the AI Developer Conference, we find ourselves marinating in a symphony of insights and innovation. This immersive guide, crafted to perfection, aimed to unravel the mystique surrounding this pinnacle of technological convergence.

So, as the curtain falls on this definitive guide to TrailheaDX, let’s carry forth the torch of wisdom kindled by the amalgamation of the integration of Salesforce CRM with artificial intelligence and human insight. For in this journey, guided by the luminaries of FEXLE, a Salesforce consulting partner, we don’t just witness the future; we actively participate in its creation.


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