Top Web Development Trends 2022: Make Your Website Future Centric

To stay in the competition and to get an edge over your competitors, keeping up with the latest web development trends is essential. Guidance from a top web development company will be an enhancing experience.

The website development process is equipped with dynamism. It evolves, it upgrades, and sometimes it entirely gets changed.

Such dynamism makes things challenging for businesses to survive in the cut-throat competition, where the competitors are doing something new with their websites.

If you want your business website to stay above the notch, it’s time you keep up with the latest website development trends.

Now, you ask, what all are the trends to consider, there are plenty of them?

Fair enough, we understand this. And therefore, we have come up with this blog post, where you can learn some best web development trends. We have created this list after consulting some experienced website developers, who are the pinnacle of the domain.

top web development trends

All the website trends will help you and your online business to harness the power of digital transformation, stay competitive, and to deliver reliable, customer-oriented, and world-standard solutions.


Progressive Web Apps

By 2027, 62% of the world’s smartphone traffic comes from 5G networks, and average traffic usage will reach 53 gigabytes per month.

The numbers show a great shift in the paradigm of PWA apps development.

These are the applications that work as a website and which comes with a full-native mobile app experience. It helps your customers to communicate with your business rapidly and without error.

The benefits of PWA apps include:

  • Hassle-free installation
  • These apps optimally use device storage and power
  • PWA apps lessen the expenses on support and development
  • Smooth updating
  • Seamless maintenance
  • Rapid launch for the market users
  • Progressive Web Apps have highly flexible distribution


Voice Search Optimization

It is about optimization of the web page, which can appear in the search results with voice command. Internet users are inclining more towards voice-based searches. According to search, 71% of consumers prefer to use voice search to execute their online surfing rather than typing on their devices.

Recently e-commerce giant Amazon has personalized the voice command by using the voice of Mr Amitabh Bachchan, an Indian movie actor. Such personalization attracts users and increases customer engagement.

Siri, Alexa, Lyra, and Google Assistant are the major best voice technologies in 2022. Hire a web development company to leverage the technology of your choice.


Intelligent Chatbots

In recent years, Chatbots have become an imperative part of every website. For users, Chatbots are one of the primary sources of communication with the business.

In a recent survey, it has been revealed that around 25% of consumers prefer Chatbots to interact with brands

The increase in the demand for Chatbot leads to a surge in its market, and by 2025, the Chatbot market will reach $125 billion, and it will increase at a CAGR of 24.3%.

Chatbots will change the course of interaction through websites:

  • Helps customers in finding required products.
  • Empower help desks in understanding customers’ issues.
  • Streamline banking processes like paying bills, checking card balances, etc.
  • Engage customers with everyday interactions like weather discussion, movie review, product reviews, services rendered, etc.
  • Chatbots are helpful in collecting customers’ feedback.
  • It empowers healthcare, education and other industries.


Dark Mode Interface

The dark mode is a new web development trend, wherein 95% of users work on this model, as per a survey by

According to another survey by Android Authority, more than 81.9% of smartphone users prefer the dark mode user interface to the light mode. 

The number indicates the change in the paradigm of the user interface. Visual design patterns, eye health, eye catchiness, reduction in the blue light, battery lifesaver, and other factors have accelerated the demand for dark mode UI in web development services.

Many technology giants such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. have already adopted the dark mode UI, and there are many who are planning to adopt the same.


Cyber Security

In this world of technology-driven businesses, cyber security has become an essential part that every company has to consider. The more businesses are driving technologies like cloud and automation, the higher the risk of cyber security like a data breach, data theft, data damage, etc.

Before you hire a web developer or a web development company, make sure they are aware of all the cyber security norms and have experience of working with cyber security compliance.


Single Page Applications

Internet users are getting more leisure-friendly each day, and they want everything served in one place. We are becoming package-lover users. This leads to the next trend of web development, and it is Single Page Applications.

The SPAs are JavaScript-based web apps that have the potential to dynamically load an HTML page for a user according to the needs of the users, without refreshing the page.

Offline support, easy navigation, seamless & jargon-free debugging, rapid page loading, and reduced bounce rate are some of the major perks of the single page application.


Factors to Consider Before Choosing Latest Web Development Trends

Website loading speed plays an important role in the success of any website. More than half of internet users accepted that they prefer to visit or stay on a website that has fast loading speed.

And you can make your website cutting-edge by keeping a close eye on the latest web development trends and by including those trends in your website as per your business requirements.

Along with the latest trends, here we are also sharing a list of factors that a website owner must consider while exploring the latest trends in website development.

  • Check if the trend you want to follow is future proof or not.
  • How much cost will be incurred at the time of its implementation?
  • Check the level of coding required for that web development trend.
  • How much will it affect or improvise your website speed?
  • Ease of use is also an important factor to consider.
  • Will it be easily extendable?



Apart from the above-discussed web development trends, there are many other trending technologies that will elevate website performance and improve business sales.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), server less architecture, motion UI, Internet of Things (IoT), mobile-first development, API-first development, and blockchain technology are some other trending factors you can consider while going for a web development company.

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