Best Salesforce Integration Tools that Help You Get the Most Out of Your CRM Platform

Best customer relationship management, strong customer retention, impeccable business performance, higher ROI, and so much more, Salesforce comes with some brilliant advantages.

The cloud computing platform is fitted with some state-of-the-art features. One of the most amazing benefits of Salesforce CRM is easy integration.

Businesses can invest in Salesforce CRM integration API and harness multiple advantages like building collaboration among teams, enhanced customer experience, and turning more leads into fruitful sales.

Though Salesforce is the world-class CRM service provider that satiates customers’ requirements, the cloud computing company has still left the scope of customization and personalization. 

There are more than 300 Salesforce CRM integration APIs. Choosing the right one for a business is a tricky task. Therefore, we have come up with the top Salesforce integration tools that will help your business productivity.

salesforce customer 360 degree integration

Salesforce Lightning – Tool to Boost Productivity

It is a user-friendly CRM interface that offers some extra functionality like a component library, app builder, and third-party app support, to name a few.

It helps users build applications faster with the help of reusable codes that are easy to use. A user with less technical knowledge can create an app with lightning drag and drop functionalities.

Some of the key benefits of this tool are – 

  • Faster application building with fewer clicks.
  • It has a clean and responsive interface.
  • More functionality than Salesforce classic.
  • Allow personalizations.


ZoomInfo – Top Salesforce Tool for Lead Enrichment

A business requires to search, engage, and convert prospects into loyal customers across marketable channels. This can be achieved by ZoomInfo. It unifies data, insights, software, and integration and helps users define the target market.

Users can reach their customers via different sales cadences. The tool comes with its native email and phone dialer tool along with the conversation intelligence. It will enable business users in analyzing customer calls, meetings, and emails.

The tool improves business productivity and brings multiple benefits, such as –

  • Continuous improvement in Salesforce record data quality.
  • Ability to filter the data of account, contact, lead, and opportunity.
  • Automated alert facility for sales teams for their respective accounts.


Outreach – Top Salesforce Integration Tool for Sales Automation

Having this Salesforce tool integrated with business is a boon for any business. These tools empower businesses to manage their deals by facilitating them with winning actions.

The Outreach tool helps revenue leaders in automating sales engagement and brings efficiency to business processes and growth.

Sales reps can close they are faster, get real-time analysis, and understand buyer engagement signals that will help them forecast better.

The important benefits of the Outreach Salesforce integration tool are as follows – 

  • Users can check when the leads are converted to the contacts and pull data into Salesforce.
  • It will be easy to prepare reports, import leads, create emails and make a call without leaving Salesforce instances.
  • It makes sure that the most recent update gets saved.


Ebsta – Salesforce Gmail Integration Tool

Ebsta helps you combine the two most powerful tools in the business world. By using this tool, you will be able to experience the power of Salesforce in your inbox.

With the help of this tool, a business can perform multiple tasks such as establishing synchronization between your email and google calendar, exploring Salesforce email templates, track emails open rates, and building follow-up tasks in the inbox itself.

Following are other benefits of Ebsta – 

  • You can connect this tool with Google Calendar and experience automatic event synchronization with Salesforce calendar.
  • You can create a personalized workflow.
  • It allows you to schedule meetings, schedule email delivery, capture emails in Salesforce instances, email delivery, etc.


Cloudingo – Salesforce Tool for Data Hygiene

This is one of the most popular Salesforce integration tools used for data hygiene. It removes duplicates from Salesforce, it helps you build unlimited filters with multiple matching styles, and it is easy to understand the tool.

Cloudingo can download all the fields on an object. This will open a new arena for data cleanup.

The key benefits of Cloudingo are as follows – 

  • It can merge duplicate records automatically in bulk.
  • It has the ability to clean the lists before sending them into Salesforce.
  • It tracks your activities and shares progress reports.
  • It builds permission-based user logins.
  • Easily integrate Cloudingo with other systems through an API.


Getfeedback – Salesforce tool to get immediate post chat feedback

A business that responds to its customers instantly has greater customer retention and a higher customer satisfaction rate. With the Get feedback Salesforce integration tool, you will enable your customers to get real-time assistance and real-time feedback. 

Consumers have become hyperactive in the present time, and they want businesses to respond and interact in real-time. Getfeedback Salesforce integration tool enables this feature.


RingLead – Salesforce Tool to Improve Data Hygiene

Here is one more tool that improvises one more tool that helps businesses enhance data hygiene. RingLead is known for its impeccable data cleansing capabilities for Salesforce. 

Businesses can manage their duplicate records, handle inaccurate reporting, and manage inaccurate prospects with the help of RingLead.

The key benefits of RingLead for Salesforce are as follows – 

  • Businesses can enrich, cleanse, and normalize their data.
  • It is easy to use, codeless, and a custom platform.
  • It will be easy for businesses to create superlative customer profiles with the help of first-party data.


GridBuddy – Salesforce Tool for editing, filtering and sorting data

Salesforce is known for its 360-degree approach, which focuses on offering everything to consumers in one place. The Girdbuddy tool complements these capabilities of the Salesforce instance and allows users to configure charts & grids.

It allows users to get a single view of all their data which they can manage via a single dashboard.

Users can create, update, and edit multiple objects in a single go, just like they do in the excel sheet. Some of the most amazing features of the GridBuddy include the facility of inline editing, mass update, and bulk actions. All these features make the processing time saving and super easy.


Here’s the List of Some More Salesforce Integrations and Tools that Will Improve Business Productivity

  • Ambition – It is analytics, coaching, and gamification software that helps users create closer and connected teams.
  • Asana for Salesforce – The perfect tool to improve interdepartmental collaboration.
  • Adobe Sign – Salesforce integration tool for eSignature.
  • Conga – The best Salesforce integration software for document generation.
  • Spotio – It is a field sales engagement solution that empowers businesses to have complete visibility into field activities.
  • TenFold – It streamlines Salesforce integration for cold calling. It helps in building better customer relationships and increases in-call productivity.


Hire Salesforce consulting company and understand your business requirements. The professional Salesforce experts will evaluate your business needs and suggest perfect Salesforce integrations and tools.

We hope that the list of the above-mentioned tools will help you in making your business more proficient. This list of top Salesforce tools will come in handy at the time of integration.


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