Top Mistakes That Digital Marketers Make While Using Salesforce Marketing Cloud Platform

Salesforce is an incredible cloud-based CRM platform. Businesses from across the globe and myriad industries are leveraging the powerful automation functionalities of the Salesforce CRM. Businesses, with the help of Salesforce consulting services, are garnering greater results in sales and revenue.

Salesforce offers different products for different business processes. One of the most important products by Salesforce is Marketing Cloud. It is a cloud platform that is designed & developed to accelerate marketing automation. The cloud-based platform streamlines multiple things in marketing such as management & execution of multi-channel campaigns, dynamic customer journeys, pre and post-campaign analytics, audience building & segmentation, social media engagement, and data management, to name a few.

Merely having all these functionalities is not sufficient for a business. To leverage Salesforce marketing cloud implementation services, businesses also must understand the importance of proper usage of the platform.

We often see digital marketers make certain mistakes because of which leads to their strategies backfiring. 


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Mistakes That Digital Marketers Make With Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Here are some most common yet crucial mistakes that digital marketers make while using the marketing cloud platform. So, if you want to leverage the fullest of the Salesforce implementation & integration services, go through the points below and avoid making the mistakes.


Unplanned Targeting

One of the gravest mistakes a digital marketer performs is by broadening the targeted audience. One must not spread thin and keep their marketing strategies limited to the specific audience. 

The more customers you reach, the less effective your marketing process will become. When you target a diverse audience or the audience more than you require, your marketing activities will lose their aim. It will fade out the marketing activities and efforts.


Less Testing

Digital marketing is all about testing and executing the task. The more you experiment the more are the chances of your success. 

While working on any campaign digital marketers might miss adding personalization or insert a wrong image or leave out a link. There are many areas where even the smallest of mistakes can hamper an entire campaign.

Here are a few points that a digital marketer can test:

  • Proper link placements in emails.
  • Message appearance across devices.
  • The correct set of audience for the message to be sent.
  • Proper grammar & spelling review.
  • Make sure that all links work properly.
  • Correct send classification for the message.

Over time and with practice, marketers can prepare a checklist of all the items which they can check. It will help marketers save ample time in future and eliminate the chances of an error occurring.


Overlooking Marketing Channels

Another amazing thing about the Salesforce marketing cloud is that it allows users to check the most fecund marketing channels. The marketing cloud platforms enable digital marketers to develop & follow channel-specific approaches. It allows businesses to connect with the customers through the most suitable & fruitful marketing channels.

Be it email, mobile, website, or social media, Salesforce suggests the channels that are highly productive. Marketers should not make the mistake of ignoring the channels and always.


Over Testing

In the point above we have discussed the importance of testing, however, here we will tell you not to over test like the QA testing type. Testing microscopically everything will cost time and money. 

Anyhow, you can still conduct thorough testing by comparing the performance of the campaign by considering different factors such as images, subject lines, time the message is sent, and other factors.

When it comes to campaign testing as per performance and execution, one must always remain patient and concentrate. Going for A/B testing for multiple things might cause different misleading results. Always test one thing at a time.


Neglecting Marketing Goals

We all know marketing is a goal-based activity. It is work that requires constant attention. Therefore, a marketer must always have a marketing plan prepared in order to achieve the goals in a specific period of time.

Here Salesforce marketing cloud can prove very helpful. The platform offers myriad information to a digital marketer with the help of which one can focus on the goals and perform the task which garners greater results.

You can also take the help of a Salesforce consulting company/partner while working on your marketing goal and start performing activities on the CRM platform.


New Features = Better Results, Wrong

Salesforce marketing cloud is a feature & functionality-rich platform. It is a platform that offers marketers to work on new & advanced functions. The innovative features often induce marketers and they end up using it even if they don’t require it. 

In the quest to work on cutting edge technology, digital marketers often end up using such features of the Salesforce marketing cloud that seem not necessary. Because such activity brings risks such as the slow deployment of a marketing campaign, increase in the number of errors, getting annoyed subscribers, and looking silly in front of prospects, to name a few.

Therefore, to use the platform optimally, one must hire Salesforce marketing cloud consulting company and take help from its team of certified Salesforce consultants.



Salesforce marketing cloud is an incredible platform. Integrating and implementing this platform brings fecund results. But one must also be aware to use the platform in a way that will help you accelerate your marketing activities.

Marketing activities are dynamic, one must keep in mind the latest trends in order to achieve greater results. For that businesses can get help from Salesforce consulting company. It helps you deliver the right message to the right set of audience at the right time.

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