Top cross-platform mobile app development tools for 2021

We are on the verge of 2020 end, and we have talked about different mobile apps, their features, and benefits. We have also talked about the future of different mobile applications and how they will monetize the opportunities for mobile app development companies.

Amidst all, there’s one app development tool, which remains in the trend throughout the year and has bright chances to continue to rule in 2021, and the tool is a cross-platform mobile app development tool.

There are multiple cross-platform app development tools, and according to a study by Statista, React Native is listed as the most popular cross-platform framework/tool which is used by 42% of developers followed by Flutter and Cordova. 

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Before we dig deep and understand different types of cross-platform app development tools, let us first understand in brief what are cross-platform apps?

What is Cross-Platform App Development?

Initially, mobiles were built for separate operating systems, using OS-specific tools and languages, which used to be a quite costly and time-consuming affair. In addition to it, business visionaries have to hire mobile-specific developers having knowledge of OS-centric languages and tools.

On the other hand, Cross-platform development allows mobile app developers to build mobile apps, which are compatible with more than one operating system, viz. Android & iOS.

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Cross-platform app development supports the approach of writing code once and runs everywhere in the fast and safest manner.

List of Top Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Tools To Pick in 2021

Are you wondering, which is the best cross-platform app development tool to choose in 2021? Here we have consolidated the names which you can opt.

React Native – As per the research, the react-native cross-platform development framework is the most admired framework across the globe. It excellently supports the write once, runs everywhere approach. One of the best parts of this framework is that it enables developers to build native apps using JavaScript as a programming language.

Significant Features of React Native –

  • Bolster the app reach process in the app store.
  • Boast of modular architecture using advanced web technologies.
  • Have fantastic & rapid community support.
  • Offers the look & feel of the native mobile apps
  • Can be written in languages like Java Objective, C, Swift, etc.

Phone Gap (Apache Cordova)

It is also known as the versatile mobile app development framework. It has a high level of resilience that facilitates developers to deploy cross-platform mobile applications. A designer who has expertise in working on front-end technologies loves to work on the Phone Gap framework

Top features of Phone Gap framework-

  • It is compact with a debugger, compiler, and some testing tools.
  • Has great plug-in support like image capture, image recorder, push, etc.
  • Has a strong backend that assists beginners.
  • It is an open-source framework, hence easy to share.
  • Easily handle smartphone functionalities like GPS, camera, sound, etc.


The Flutter framework symbolizes the rapid and dynamic mobile app development process. The framework is capable of handling hot reloads through source codes. The developers, who work on this open-source UI SDK, also use Dart programming language that enables developers to rebuilt the widget tree and facility to inspect its flawless performance over different operating systems

The best features of the Flutter framework are as follows –

  • Developers can build iOS & Android apps through a single code base, hence, better productivity.
  • Easy to use a set of creative and custom designs.
  • Helps in building brand-driven designs along with OEM widgets.
  • Less testing efforts and support faster time to market.


It is one of the top cross-platform app development tools that are all set to rule in 2021 as well. This framework enables developers to streamline cross-platform development for tablets, mobiles, and desktop with equal ease and proficiency. Through Xamarin app development, programmers can streamline both Android app development and iOS app development in a rapid succession time.

Following are the top Xamarin framework features-

  • It supports C# and F# programming languages with the Razor template engine.
  • The intrinsic native interface builds the latest products that match perfectly with the client’s specifications.
  • The latest release has a quick installation time.
  • Provide amazing visual experience for mobile platforms.
  • You can also install Android SDK as per your requirements.


The Ionic framework supports HTML 5 and supports building hybrid app development. Through the Ionic framework, developers can expect agile support, rapidity, and third-party access. If you want to market your app in a short span, then you can definitely choose the Ionic framework.

However, to continue working as a native app, this framework requires a wrapper like Cordova source.

The developers who are working on Ionic can excellently use APIs such as TypeScript, Virtual DOM, JSX, and async that bolster the PWA development aka Progress Web App Development.

Top Features of the Ionic framework-

  • Build standard compliant web designs through Stencil.
  • Have a capacitor that lets developers call native SDK’s from web code.
  • The lazy loading improves the app loading time as well as performance by classifying it into multiple bundles.
  • Offer native-style UI layout for cross-platform apps.
  • Offers interactive paradigms, amazing themes, pre-designed components, and excellent typography.


This is also listed as one of the best frameworks that streamline the process of cross-platform mobile app development. Appcelerator can easily let developers build, deploy, and test the functionality of a mobile application. Evident to its category, this framework allows programmers to use the same written code for developing apps for iOS and Android platforms. A developer with experience in JavaScript can conduct a brisk development with the help of this hybrid app development tool 2021.

Some impeccable Appcelerator features are as follows –

  • It offers a schema-less database with Arrow DB.
  • It offers pre-built Salesforce integration functionality.
  • Support integration with MS Azure, MongoDB, MS SQL, and Box.
  • Eliminates speed and lagging issues.
  • The titanium framework makes it pocket-friendly.
  • Excellent cloud services to pack, distribute, and examine.
  • Developers can access fundamental source code at any time.
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List of Some More Top Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Tools

  • Native Script – Complete stack of cross-platform APIs, provide zero-days support, and enable reach, reusability, and rapidity.
  • Felgo – It helps in building stunning native & cross-platform apps with rapidity and excellent UIs. Build a strong embedded system using C++ & JavaScript.
  • Rho Mobile – It’s a Ruby-based open-source framework that delivers a productive app. It can run on Java containers.
  • Kony Mobile Platform – It helps in building universal applications, and supports offline sync, security, push notification, etc. It provides a strong import capability for any native API from visualizing.
  • Sencha – It improves the productivity of developers through IDE plugins, and it also minimizes web app development costs.

What Are The Benefits of Cross-Platform App Development?

In the recent past, cross-platform app development has taken off in quite a spectacular manner. Companies of all scales and sizes are preferring cross-platform apps tools to build a strong and reliable mobile app that can run on both platforms.

Here are some important benefits of cross-platform app development tools

  • Reusable code
  • Cost-effective
  • Quicker development time
  • Easier implementation
  • Brings consistency in UI
  • Hassle-free hosting
  • Simpler cloud integration
  • Less technical jargons
  • Less time to market


The first year of another decade is almost completed, and we know that the coming years belong to hybrid mobile applications. Therefore, it would be better if you hire cross-platform mobile app developers with the right competency and expertise. We have discussed above all the trending cross-platform mobile app development tools, and so, you can also go to a suitable cross-platform mobile app development company like Fexle Service, and discuss with them, a suitable tool that matches your requirements.

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