Top Benefits of Tableau That Will Accelerate Your Business Growth & Efficiency

This is the world of big data. Companies of different sizes and scales have understood the importance of big data. For a business data collection from different sources is not as tricky as analyzing the collected data and driving insights out of it.

Here comes Tableau into the picture. This faster-growing data visualization tool from the BI industry helps companies leverage the collected data effectively by getting timely insights and a competitive advantage over competitors. Tableau excellently simplifies the raw set of data and transforms it into an easy-to-understand format. A user without technical skills or coding knowledge can easily understand the insights.

Companies from different industry verticals are embracing Tableau implementation services. If you are here and reading this post, we assume you are seeking Tableau consulting services as well.

In this post, we will discuss various advantages of implementing Tableau into the business process.


Tableau and its Impeccable Features

Tableau is an easy-to-use and highly interactive solution backed by features like simplicity and rapidity.

The global Tableau service market is expected to grow to USD 2183.2 Mn by 2018, and it is growing at a CAGR of 13.6%.

The rise in the demand for visual data analysis has made Tableau one of the most desired Business Intelligence solutions.

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Tableau is one of the biggest data visualization tool in the business intelligence industry that helps users convert textual and numerical data into a visually rich format which help businesses plan their future strategies.

The following are top features of Tableau that give it a competitive edge – 

Intuitive Dashboard

From visualizations to visual objects, texts, etc., Tableau’s interactive dashboards provide all information in the form of stories, different layouts, formats, filters, etc. Users have the privilege to copy the entire dashboard or a part of the dashboard from one workbook to another in the easiest way possible.

Collaboration and Sharing

Users can easily collaborate among themselves with the help of Tableau and instantly share all kinds of data in real-time. Data sharing will be highly secured and helps in getting instant reviews and feedback from the required stakeholder.

Data Connectivity

One of the best features of the tableau is its impeccable data connectivity. The platform facilitates seamless connectivity to both data from external offline sources and live data sources. The platform allows users to use data either by live data connection or by extracting data from outer sources.

Data Sources

Businesses can fetch data from an array of sources. The sources include on-premise files, databases, spreadsheets, non-relational databases, big data, on-cloud data, etc.

Tableau integration with data connectors makes the data collection process easy and time-efficient. Data connectors include names like Google Analytics, Cloudera, Hadoop, Amazon Athena, and SQL Server.

Advanced Visualization

Tableau provides a bundle of visualization packages to its users. The visualization packages enable users to visualize data in the format they feel comfortable with.

Bar chart, pie chart, histogram, treemap, boxplot, bullet chart, and motion chart are some of the most important visualization tools offered by Tableau.

Some other Important Features that make Tableau a Prominent Business Intelligence Tool are as Follows – 

  • The software has a plethora of pre-installed maps of cities, postal codes, administration boundaries, etc. It enriches visualization.
  • Tableau is equipped with a fool-proof security system. 
  • It facilitates users to build a custom mobile layout to enjoy the mobile version of the Tableau app.
  • The ask data feature allows users to search required data just like google search.


The Benefits of Tableau for Business Growth

Strong Data Visualization

It simplifies the data present in the spreadsheet and makes it readable, understandable, insightful, and decision-driven.

Data visualization is the most important advantage of using Tableau. It can make complex calculations and textual data into visually-rich representations.

It works as an ultimate reporting tool for a business as it covers all ranging from an easy blending of complex data to a highly responsive dashboard.

Interactive Dashboards

Tableau is a blessing for people with no technical knowledge and no coding skills. It comes with drag and drops functionality that enables users to build interactive dashboards and visualization as per their requirements. 

The dashboard is highly customizable. Users can personalize it according to colors, designs, charts, types, and many other factors. 

Easy Implementation

Tableau offers a wide range of visualization options. Each has the capability to enhance the user experience. The best part above all is that this solution is quite easy to learn as compared to its contemporaries like Business Objects, Python, Domo, etc. Even if you have no knowledge of coding, you can easily learn Tableau.

Handling Humongous Data

A business has to deal with terabytes and petabytes of data on a daily basis. Handling and analyzing such volume is a daunting process when done manually. With Tableau implementation services, a business can handle millions of rows and columns with utmost ease.

Based on the data, you can create different kinds of visualization without compromising the performance and dashboards.

Other Reasons to Choose Tableau for Business Growth

Use of Other Scripting Languages – Tableau allows users to integrate other scripting languages like Python or R to execute complex table calculations.

Mobile-Friendliness – Tableau comes with a mobile-friendly feature. It has a dedicated iOS and Android App, which users can use and keep statistics on their fingers on tips on the go. The Tableau app supports the majority of functions that the desktop version has.

Easy Upgrade – The users of the Tableau platform enjoy the frequently released latest updates of the software. The updates are easy to carry out.

Low Cost – It is a low-cost solution and this benefit makes users enjoy this software even more, 

Superior Customer Services – The Tableau software is backed by a big users and developers community. The Tableau users can have their queries solved and get the answers easily.

Combine Charts – The facility of integrating different types of charts makes Tableau a perfect choice for business growth. By combining different charts businesses can create meaningful dashboards that are also interactive. It empowers users with insightful analysis by providing the facility to analyze even a specific part of the chart.



Data analysis is a continuous task, and so businesses require Tableau implementation and integration services at one or other point in time. Data analysis is imperative for a business to plan their strategies and make critical decisions.

With the Tableau visualization tool, businesses can address their problem of data analysis in a jiffy. Hire Tableau experts from an experienced Tableau consulting services provider and enjoy the taste of success.

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