Top Benefits of Salesforce for Financial Services Sector – Impacts of Salesforce on Fintech

In the past couple of years, we have noticed a revolutionary change in the fintech industry. This has become more streamlined and more beneficial for financial institutions. And the credit goes to Salesforce consulting services.

Salesforce financial services cloud has been adopted by numerous financial organizations across the world and offers exceptional customer value.

The advent of Salesforce in the fintech industry is turning the table for the financial sector businesses, customers, and all stakeholders.


Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

Before we understand the advantages of the Salesforce financial services cloud, let’s first understand its features and functionalities in brief. 

In simple words, Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is a platform that helps financial institutions and companies in wealth management, retail banking, commercial banking, and insurance carrier markets.

Financial advisors, bankers, and captive insurance agents can easily track their customers & prospects and serve them excellent personalized services.

Financial services firms are experiencing connected interfaces and managing their sales, customer engagement, and business processes with full compliance.

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is helping banks, insurance companies, and investment firms in overcoming the digital age disruption.

Financial Services Cloud

Advantages of Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

As we have mentioned above, whether it is an insurance company or a banking sector organization, Financial Service Cloud will provide a complete 360-degree of clients and their financial profiles. 360-degree view of each customer is one of the biggest advantages of the Financial Service Cloud.

Let’s learn about some more benefits of financial services cloud – 


No Siloed System

The data in your system will remain no more siloed. All the information about your customers will be collected in a single place. Financial advisors can focus their energy on relationship building rather than chasing after customers ‘data.


Easy Integrations

The Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is an advanced platform that comes with advanced integration capabilities. A finance institution works on multiple products, such as Einstein, marketing automation tools, and experience cloud, to name a few. Salesforce financial services cloud can easily get integrated with all these tools and enhance daily operations.



The cloud platform brings everyone on the same platform, and teams can work with higher collaboration. The stakeholders can seamlessly access customers’ data and plan their strategies.


Wealth Management

People prefer those financial advisors who are always ready to help their customers as and when required. Wealth management companies prefer to have their advisors’ productivity to the fullest.

The financial services cloud delivers advisors greater insights and analytics that will enable them to offer personalized advice to their customers across multiple channels.


Leads & Referrals

The users of the financial sectors will leverage the functionalities of getting full customer insights. Financial advisors can excellently track their leads and referrals and optimize their opportunities from start to conversion.

Along with leads, financial institutions can also map their client relationship. They can understand all the stakeholders of their customers’ financial journey, such as lawyers, accountants, trusts, and others.


Impact of Salesforce on Fintech Services Industry

The implementation and integration of Salesforce technology with the finance industry have proven highly beneficial.

Cloud technology has a deep impact on the fintech industry. Let’s understand it gradually.


Impact of Better Understanding

The partnership between Salesforce Solutions and the fintech industry is a valuable deal. The solution helps financial advisors in understanding their customers with deep analytics. It will be easy for fintech businesses to map their customers’ entire journey. 

Be it about prospects, or existing customers, or brand ambassadors a company can easily understand their potential customers by leveraging intelligent sales tools. The tools help businesses understand the specific requirements of customers.


Impact on Customer Engagement

It is a challenging task for fintech businesses to lure prospective clients and turn them into valuable customers. Salesforce implementation services enable fintech businesses in market segmentation and enable them to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time for better and enhanced engagement.

Business users can close more leads and provide faster and on-time services to their customers, enabling them to increase efficiency & productivity. Businesses can serve their clients with the right answers that lead to customer loyalty.


Impact on Sales & Lead Conversion

The amalgamation of Salesforce and the Fintech industry is beneficial in all manners. It helps businesses grow at a faster pace by focusing on customers’ needs. 

Salesforce offers incredible insights and deep reporting. It helps businesses focus on the right set of customers and to follow qualified leads. Executing lead nurturing programs, leveraging automation, and experiencing automation in the daily process is part of Salesforce benefits.

The integration of Salesforce via the Salesforce service cloud empowers service & support teams in prioritizing their work based on their important clients and their urgent needs.


Impact on Risk Management

The fintech industry is bound by some rules and regulations. Being compliant with the fintech rules is imperative for every finance business. 

Salesforce integration will help businesses be in compliance. It helps in the proper implementation of AML and KYC that impact the successful growth rate.

Salesforce has proven of great help and a sturdy partner for financial services, insurance companies, banks, and fintech startups.

Salesforce comes with strong security features. The data stored in the Salesforce cloud is highly encrypted and it mitigates the risk of data theft, data leak, or any other data-related challenge.


Things to Consider Before Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Implementation

Salesforce implementation and integration services come with next-level challenges. The process of implementation requires an experienced team of Salesforce consultants that streamlines the entire process.

For fintech businesses, keeping up with compliance is a necessity. Here are a few factors that one should keep in mind before hiring Salesforce consulting company – 

  • Understand the Salesforce technology and its use for your business.
  • Identify opportunities for customers.
  • Have a proper understanding of the prospective users of the solution.
  • Identify the work that it solves for the users.
  • Analyze the way users will utilize the tools.


Final Words

Salesforce has become a need for fintech businesses. It has turned the table for business users in terms of data management, lead conversions, accurate targeting, and many more.

The Salesforce fintech solutions enable businesses to improve customer services, control risks, and strategize their planning.

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