Top Benefits of Salesforce CRM for Real Estate Business

The impact of Covid-19 is unforgettable. Be it jobs or industries, the pandemic and lockdown have severely shaken us to the core. One industry that was booming before the pandemic has now turned more competitive and fierce, and this industry is the Real Estate industry.

Due to Covid-19, the sale of the housing market in India has dropped by 79%. The coming year also won’t be any different for the Real Estate industry. The overall residential demand is expected to decline by 40% in the coming year.

The demand for commercial properties has also slumped and severely affected small and medium-scale real estate businesses.

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In this situation, it becomes imperative for real estate business owners to turn towards advanced technology, like Salesforce CRM.

Salesforce CRM for real estate has emerged as a prominent solution for real estate brokers, developers, and agents. The solution enables the stakeholders to microscopically manage even the smallest data and track their customers in real-time.

According to Salesforce the real estate agents who have adopted CRM and lead management solutions are two times more successful than those who have not adopted CRM technology.

In this time, when we perform most of our work virtually, it becomes necessary for the real estate industry to adopt such solutions through which they can garner more sales, convert more leads, and enjoy greater ROI.

Here comes Salesforce into the picture. The Salesforce CRM for real estate will help the agents to overcome hurdles that come on their way to work. Some of the challenges that real estate agents have to deal with in the absence of Salesforce CRM are as follows:

  • Agents deal with a high volume of data all at once.
  • Agents perform duties in & out of the office and cannot use the system always.
  • Clients expect immediate and personalized responses. It becomes difficult for agents to handle conversations with multiple clients at once.
  • Hard to keep contacting the former clients.
  • Unavailability of a tool that helps agents quickly identify potential problems or risk that leads to a significant loss.

Benefits of Salesforce CRM for Real Estate Industry

The above mentioned are some of the many hurdles that a real estate agent faces. To deal with all these problems, Salesforce CRM seems to be the best solution.

Let’s understand the benefits of CRM for the real estate industry.

Faster Response Timing

As per a study by contractually more than 88% of clients expect revert from their retailers within an hour. With Salesforce CRM you can improve your customer service exceptionally.

In the fast pacing life, clients don’t have a loose schedule while shopping for a property, they want their concerns, questions, and other issues to be solved as fast as possible.

Salesforce CRM for real estate empowers agents with strong communication mediums where they receive and respond to messages from any internet-enabled device.

There may be times when you won’t be able to reply to your customers at the same time, that totally understandable. For this situation also CRM has a solution that helps you record and use the personalized automated response that will tell the clients about your unavailability and also give them a chance to share their concern.

Intelligent Automation

Around 51% of agents use CRM, and the one thing which they like the most about the Salesforce CRM is its intuitive automation facility. While purchasing a property, there are lots of important things that go hand in hand, and taking care of each one is a daunting task.

The details may be small but have an equally significant place when it comes to making important decisions.

The CRM automation facility will let users automatically fill out forms, file important documents, and retrieve valuable data as and when required, and let clients and agents focus on bigger concerns. It improves clients’ and agents’ relationships and makes it much simpler.

Some other important tasks which you can do with the help of CRM are easy tracking of important dates, connecting with clients directly, handling multiple smaller tasks simultaneously, and many more.

Data Centralization

The real estate industry is highly competitive. It is very crucial to make it in this industry.  For that, one has to generate leads from multiple sources. Generating leads from different sources and managing the data can be problematic, time-consuming, and daunting tasks for agents.

With Salesforce CRM for the real estate industry, the agents can get a single and unified system to manage all their data, contact information, and any other data that goes along with the property buying process.

The CRM allows agents to access the data from any device and from anywhere in the world without the fear of getting the data or information lost in the shuffle.

Salesforce CRM will perfectly standardize the property buying and selling process with its data centralization quality.

Seamless Communication

Did you know that 74% of the clients prefer to return to the agents who keep in contact with them even after the sales process gets completed? The process of buying and selling a property is long, and it is not uncommon that the time duration creates a bond between an agent and a buyer. So the client who plans to purchase their property prefers to hire the same agent with whom they have worked earlier.

But, it often happens that due to the time gap between initial and secondary purchase, clients lost their connection with their old agents.

Salesforce CRM will eliminate this problem. This cloud-computing tool will help you maintain a relationship with clients even after the deal gets completed.

Agents can save clients’ information in their CRM and send out periodical friendly emails like home purchase anniversaries emails, holiday wishes emails, birthday wishes, etc.

Instant Evaluation

It is very hard to evaluate the effectiveness of the practices you follow in the real-estate business, especially if you follow the traditional approach. It will take both your time and money.

With Salesforce, you can measure and evaluate the effectiveness of your deals and the way of approaches in real-time.

Salesforce CRM in real estate will help agents in analyzing and documenting processes. And in this way, you can eliminate the tasks which aren’t paying off and let you focus on other important methods that you can hone.

Importance of Salesforce CRM for Real Estate Business

Salesforce CRM is not just a tool but a way of doing business effectively, efficiently with greater profit margins; more lead nurturing, and strong customer relationships.

Here is the list of some importance of having CRM in the real estate industry:

  • Agents can maintain their follow up records.
  • It helps agents to focus on follow-up efforts.
  • Digital marketing automation through CRM.
  • It help agents stay in touch with existing & old clients
  • It drives a stronger customer relationship.
  • Empower you to leverage social media more productively.
  • It will help you in closing deals faster and of value.
  • Easy database management in a centralized manner.
  • Easy tracking of competitors and their performance.
  • Help you get referrals from old or existing clients.
  • Information management in a consolidated manner.
  • Tracking the performance of a digital marketing campaign.

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