Top 5 Upcoming Salesforce Events in 2021 That You Can Attend

Calling out all Trailblazers!!

If you are looking for a consolidated list of Salesforce events 2021, then you have come to the right place. We have laid out the most significant Salesforce events below that will help you plan out your event calendar for 2021.

The events listed below span the calendar and places to ensure that you have enough opportunities to not only gain more knowledge about this exemplary CRM system but also to connect with fellow Salesforce users.

These Salesforce events provide you the best platform to expand your learning about the CRM system and to bolster your connection with the Salesforce community.

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You can attend these events as a guest or as a participant where you can display your services or products during the events.

Best Salesforce Events to Attend in 2021

Let’s move ahead and explore the guide of Salesforce events in 2021. It will keep you up-to-date on the latest conferences, conventions, webinars, events, etc., that will take place in the Salesforce community.

Salesforce World Tour

It is an annual Salesforce event that takes place in multiple locations, evident to its name. The event offers the trailblazer community a perfect chance to peek behind the curtain of Salesforce.

The event also gives a chance to attendees to hear from top speakers, allows them to engage in multiple networking sessions, and also ensures them access to hands-on-training sessions and much more.

The best part of the World Tour is that it is totally free.

As of now, Salesforce has not revealed its plan for the World Tour, if it is going to be virtual, or whether it will postpone.


Anyone who belongs to the Salesforce community knows the grandeur of the Dreamforce event. The event created lots of buzzes last year. The outbreak of Coronavirus has led to many speculations. Some believed it would cancel, while others believe it gets postponed. However, it held virtually.

This year, this biggest Salesforce event will take place between 21st to 24th September.

Dreamforce is considered the biggest event of the Salesforce community. In 2018 more than 1,70,000 attendees flocked to this event. Dreamforce has something for everyone irrespective of the field of work and business interest.

This year Salesforce is hoping to organize Dreamforce as a live event. But, since the Covid-19 situation is still prevailing, saying anything will be too soon.


It is a must-attend Salesforce event. Salesforce developers and admin can get lots of information and knowledge through this event.

TrailheaDX is an annual conference that compacts with two illuminating days, where Salesforce engineers along with product leaders and powerful trailblazer community feature some really amazing hands-on-learning experience.

The dates of this annual two day Salesforce event are not out yet. But, TrailheaDX generally happens around June and December respectively.

Last year, this event was held virtually due to the outbreak of the pandemic situation.


Connections is a three days annual event. It organizes marketing, commerce, and service teams. Every year Salesforce organizes this event to offer the community a chance to learn how digital transformation looks across multiple industries such as consumer goods, health care, retail, finance, manufacturing, etc.

Designed to promote consumer centricity, this event helps Salesforce users to create a personalized customer experience at every stage of the customer lifecycle. Salesforce users will also understand the importance of delivering exceptional customer service that promotes resolutions at the very beginning.

At this event, the marketing professional will explore the knowledge of harnessing data and cross-channel engagement with the customers. On the other hand, users from the commerce and retail domain can learn about the importance of Artificial Intelligence, and the way the technology is revolutionizing the customer journey and how efficiently it is unifying the selling channels.

The dates of connections are not yet released by Salesforce, but it is expected to happen around May. There are also reports that the event may be postponed till 2022 due to all Covid-19 reasons.

London’s Calling

London’s Calling is an annual community-led event. It is the most influential and amazing Salesforce event, which is otherwise called Europe’s largest community-led event.

The event offers a chance to bring the Salesforce community on one platform so that trailblazers can build new relations, build a network, share knowledge, and share good practices with one another. Every year the event is organized, run, and delivered by the Salesforce community to the people of the community.

Last year, due to the Covid-19 outbreak, London’s Calling was held virtually. Up until now, nothing much has been disclosed by Salesforce on the event. As far the date is concerned, it will be 19th March 2021, and it is confirmed to be held as a virtual event this year.

Want To Organize Events Like Salesforce?

Are you a Salesforce consulting service provider? And do you want to host events like Salesforce?

Here are few steps that one should follow:

Put Your Audience First – Salesforce is a number one CRM because for many reasons, and one of the most important is that it always puts its customers on priority. When it comes to organizing an event, it’s no exception. Salesforce always organizes events in multiple cities so that their fans across the world have a better chance to attend these knowledgeable events. 

Do The Basics Right – This is one of the most common but yet very important aspect for all the companies who want to organize Salesforce like events. And it is to get the basic right. By basic, we mean to hire top-notch speakers to secure well-known sponsors. Both elements are crucial in selling more tickets and ensure greater ROI.

Never Stay Back In Promoting Your Products & Services – Salesforce events offers the community a chance to showcase and explore new products and services. While organizing an event, you shouldn’t be shy to promote the company’s products and services. It is one of the best ways to get showcased without getting more promotional.

List of Other Top Salesforce Events That You Should Look Out For 

  • Data Culture – A joint venture event between Tableau & AVADO.
  • Salesforce Live – It is a collection of over 2500 videos that present the best keynotes & training that Salesforce has hosted.
  • Mulesoft API Workshops – It organizes multiple sessions that teach attendees how they can use the Mulesoft platform.
  • Tableau Conference Europe – It is a perfect place for brands to meet their audience and expand their reach.
  • Salesforce Women’s Networking Event – It happens every year during Dreamforce to enable women to network.
  • Salesforce Basecamp – It is the series of events that are dedicated to customer success.


The pandemic is still hovering upon us. Amidst this, it is quite early to say or point anything about any conference or event. 

But, even if these events will happen, we suggest you plan your calendar from now only.

We hope that the Covid vaccine performs its task well, and we will get a chance to witness the grandeur of the above-mentioned Salesforce events 2021.

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