The Best Salesforce Implementation Guide for a Successful Business

Salesforce undoubtedly is one of the biggest CRM providers in the world with the biggest customer base. As per the reports, the cloud-based CRM is expected to generate $55.307.6 million in revenue by 2030. It will grow at a CAGR of 18.9% during 2020-2030.

The numbers are testimony of the brilliance of this platform. With proper Salesforce implementation services, businesses have become smarter, faster, and more efficient. The platform also enables businesses to achieve the growth that they have been seeking for a long time.

If you are seeking Salesforce implementation, then you have arrived at the right place. In this post, we are going to discuss in detail the Salesforce implementation, why it is required, steps of Salesforce implementation, and many other factors.

And we hope after going through these steps, you will be able to make a well-informed decision at the time of selecting a Salesforce implementation partner.

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What is Salesforce Implementation?

The process of putting Salesforce CRM into action with the business and its process is known as Salesforce implementation. The process of implementation is not a piece of cake. It requires lots of brainstorming, strong planning, and patience.

The process of Salesforce implementation is done on the specific requirements of a business. There are multiple clouds that Salesforce offers. It’s up-to business for what function they require the  Salesforce CRM implementation services.

The different clouds offered by Salesforce are Sales cloud, service cloud, community cloud, marketing cloud, etc. The implementation of Salesforce will be done majorly on the basis of these clouds.


When A Business Should Invest in Salesforce CRM Implementation?

Running a business is a daunting & tricky task. One has to be vigilant enough to take care of every department and its operations. The smallest of the wrong step can negatively impact the overall success of the business operations.

Below are mentioned some of the key indicators that tell about the challenges that if your business faces, then you should go for Salesforce implementation services:

  • The team has to perform multiple tasks manually and affects productivity.
  • There is no proper & centralised system to store & access information like business operations, leads, contacts, opportunities, etc.
  • There is a lack of collaboration among the team members working in different departments.
  • There is a lack of flexibility in working. The Sales team could not access information via mobile or on the go or travelling.
  • There is no single source of data, and the business is using multiple databases and systems.
  • It is difficult for your business to track the information of customers.
  • There are high chances of data duplicity.

If your business is also facing the above-mentioned challenges, then it’s high time that you should start focusing on the Salesforce CRM implementation that will upgrade your business management system.

With proper Salesforce implementation services, you can easily streamline your business processes, empower your employees with greater efficiency, and improve customer experience.

The Top Advantages of Salesforce Implementation

The implementation of this cloud-based CRM brings lots of advantages for a business but only if it is implemented properly. Below are mentioned some top benefits of Salesforce implementation.


Accurate & Reliable Customer Information

In the presence of inaccurate or incomplete information, businesses suffer a lot, especially in terms of sales and marketing.

The system integrated with Salesforce CRM offers accurate & holistic data about the customers that empower businesses to serve their customers more effectively. 

The accurate information enables businesses to make a well-strategized customer-oriented plan that will improve customer satisfaction and experience. With proper Salesforce CRM implementation, you can also easily connect with your potential customers.


Accurate Sales Forecasting

One of the major advantages of Salesforce solutions is that it helps the sales team improve their capabilities of predicting sales forecasting accurately. The excellently implemented Salesforce CRM enables your sales team to identify future opportunities and tell accurately about leads prospects.

The sales team can analyze the sales trends of past and present and identify the possibilities. With Salesforce implementation you will get better insights into data that will improve your sales team capabilities to generate more leads in less time.


Effective Data Management

If a business is of large scale, it becomes hard for it to store and manage a huge chunk of data. The manual process often leads to problems like errors and data duplicity.

With Salesforce implementation you can easily manage & control organizations information with complete security. 

From notes to contacts, and other high-end information, you can easily manage all the sensitive data in one place with the help of CRM. Your team can access the stored data from anywhere and from any device. 


Better Customer Services

A satisfied customer is a key to a successful business. The happier the customer, the more successful your business becomes. Salesforce implementation will help you improve your support services. 

The service cloud by Salesforce empowers the customer service agents to look into customers’ profiles and garner all the required data. 

The implementation of the sales and marketing cloud makes your sales and marketing team more efficient and you can closely monitor your customer’s activities, their feedback, likes, dislikes, and other attributes.

With the collected information you can make more personalized strategies and serve your clients that will improve their experience.


Scalable & Updates

The scalability of Salesforce CRM is mind-blowing. You can easily design any Salesforce-based solution that matches your plan of business expansions. You can easily add more users to the system as your business & users grow.

Besides scalability, Salesforce also rolls-out updates rapidly. The regular updates by Salesforce keep coming thrice a year that will resolve the older bugs and bring improvements. Through updates, you can experience new technologies and features on a regular basis.


Salesforce Implementation in Three Simple Steps

The Salesforce implementation process requires expertise, experience, and patience. Below are mentioned the most important steps to consider at the time of Salesforce implementation:


Step 1 – Decide a project timeline for the smooth running of business operations without any hurdle.

Step 2 – Define the factors that tell you the progress and success of a project.

Step 3 – Plan all the communication channels to take care of the Salesforce implementation process, address concerns, and keep a project on track.

Step 4 – Build up a strong, experienced, and expert implementation team. The team members include the executive owner, project manager, system admin, and power user.

Step 5 – Properly define your end-users, and always implement the solution from the point of view of your constituents (sales team, marketing team, operations team, finance team, development team, etc.)

Step 6 – Post defining your constituent base, it’s time to finalize the individual user’s role that will make you understand the suitable implementation tactics.

Step 7 – Interact with the users, and understand their pain points on a daily basis. Understand their requirements on what functions and features of the system bring them greater value.

Step 8 – Finalize the Salesforce cloud on which you would like to execute Salesforce implementation services. Some of the most important clouds are Sales cloud, service cloud, marketing cloud, pardot, Heroku, CPQ, and community cloud, to name a few.

Step 9 – Establish the parameters of the project for the smooth and error-free execution of Salesforce implementation. 

Step 10 – Clearly define and set your user access and permissions. It will prompt collaboration among teams to improve internal security models.

Step 11 – Design a data model. It should clearly state the relationship between multiple data types to all the stakeholders, collaborators, and end-users.

Step 12 – Prepare a working prototype and refine your requirements by including your constituent and by welcoming their feedback on what works and what doesn’t.

Step 13 – Make sure you have defined the right amount of customization. A key to a successful Salesforce implementation is to identify the right level of OOTB (Out Of The Box) configuration & custom development work.

Step 14 – Once you are confident enough with your solution & its architecture, you can prepare yourself for the final testing & go live.

Step 15 – Get ready with a strong change management strategy. 



Salesforce CRM implementation is a tricky task. But if it gets executed according to a set paradigm, it will bring power & efficiency to your business. The right execution of Salesforce implementation services can take your business growth to the next level.

Therefore, it is essential for businesses to hire a Salesforce implementation company with the proper expertise, certified Salesforce consultants, and required experience. You can hire FEXLE Services as your Salesforce implementation partner, and rest assured for unprecedented growth and greater ROI.

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