Salesforce Service Cloud: Features, Benefits & Uses for Business Growth

In the coming five years, customer experience will become the top priority for businesses. The modern customer has evolved a lot. Today, customer experience plays an equally important role as the products and services that businesses offer.

Customers in modern times stay loyal to the companies that offer the best customer experience. Businesses that are unable to keep up with the increasing demand, their customers will leave them.

According to a study by Temkin Group, companies that have a turnover of $1 billion annually are expected to earn an additional $700 million within 3 years of investing in customer experience.

Now, you must be wondering, if the customer experience is so important, what would be the perfect solution to achieve the same.

And, here comes Salesforce Service Cloud into the picture. 

For people who have opted for Salesforce consulting services, the Service Cloud is not a new name but, for those who are seeking solutions to improve customer services, Salesforce Service Cloud will be a boon for them.

What is Salesforce Service Cloud?

Listed as one of the best Salesforce products, the Service Cloud platform helps your businesses to excellently and rapidly improve and scale customer services.

In a customer relationship survey, Salesforce has found that the companies who have opted for Service cloud integration services have experienced a 45% increase in customer retention, 47% increase in agent productivity, and 31% faster case resolution.

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One of the best parts of Service Cloud is that you can respond to your businesses irrespective of the channel and place.

With Service Cloud, implementation services businesses can get rapid, reliable, and a complete customer view. You can also offer personalized support to your customers across multiple digital channels like chat, messaging, social, website, etc.

The Service Cloud solutions come with AI-powered Chatbots that will help you scale your support services and improve the productivity of your agents.

Some Important Stats about Salesforce Service Cloud 

  • According to Datanyze, Salesforce Service Cloud covers 13.46% of the market share as a CRM-based customer service and support solutions.
  • More than 4,000 companies are presently using the Salesforce Service Cloud.
  • Top industries that are using Service Cloud include computer software, information technology & services, financial services, and Hospital & Health Care, to name a few.
  • 70% of Salesforce Service Cloud customers are from the United States.
  • Out of the companies that are using Salesforce Service Cloud, 25% are small, 40% are medium level, and 35% are large scale companies.
  • Top companies that are using Salesforce Service Cloud solutions are Ten-X, LLC, Kaseya Limited, and Internet Brands Inc., to name a few.

Service Cloud Features and Benefits for Businesses

Going for Salesforce Service Cloud implementation services is one of the best ways to improve customer experience. Hire that Salesforce consulting partner, which has trained, certified, and industry-experienced Salesforce consultants.

An experienced Salesforce partner with some of the top features and benefits of Salesforce Service Cloud, which are as follows:

Lightning Service Console

This solution will improve the agent’s productivity and deliver the next-gen agent experience. The lightning service console offers 360-degree customer views with all the required details, essential for an agent.

Case Management

Evident to its name, the case management solution lets the agents resolve cases rapidly. It gives full visibility of the entire context in each case on a well-organized dashboard, with a full record of every customer interaction.

Workflow and Approvals

The simple drag and drop option of the workflow help you save your time. It automates your internal procedure and process, such as additional approval steps, and keeps the process up and running. With the help of this feature, you can easily customize and automate any customer service or approval process.

Omni-Channel Routing

The omnichannel routing features will help you bring cases from all these channels into your Service cloud platform. Hire an experienced Salesforce developer and empower your customer support by routing cases automatically from across the channels like web, phone, email, mobile live chat, social channels, and many more. This feature not only routs cases but also assigns them to appropriate agents according to the preset conditions.

Telephony Integration

This feature of Service Cloud is a real boon for telephone customer executives. With Salesforce Service Cloud integration services you can supercharge the efficiency of your agents. Integrate it with your CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) systems. It will let you easily and rapidly log notes as and when a customer calls. Your agents can also manage calls from within the console without physically interacting with the phone instrument.

Social Customer Service

The social customer service tool helps your customer support team to create & efficiently handle multiple cases across social media channels. From Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn, listen to what your customer says, monitor their data, and revert quickly with informed solutions. Hire Salesforce consultants and combine the power of Service Cloud and Salesforce Service Studio.

Top Reasons Why Companies Should Choose Salesforce Service Cloud

There are certain challenges that agents often face while dealing with customers. Here are some major customer service challenges, and the way in which Service Cloud can help:

Answering Tough Question

Customers believe that a customer care executive is fully aware of a subject matter and one knows all the details & ready to give required answers. Service Cloud maintains the records of all the previous communication history and empowers agents to give well-informed solutions to customers.

Understanding Needs of Customers

There comes a time when a customer care executive couldn’t understand what customers require. It happens in the case when they does not have full knowledge of their product or services. Service Cloud plays an integral part in avoiding such situations.

Call Transferring

It often happens that when a customer calls, a required agent might be busy. In such a situation, either the customer has to wait or disconnect the call. Service Cloud won’t let this happen. It will assign calls to the right set of the agent at the time, and improve customer experience exponentially.

Serving Multiple Customers

A customer care agent should always be ready to be a multi-tasker. And Salesforce Service Cloud consulting services will help you be the one. No matter how hectic the situation gets, the intelligent Service Cloud solution helps you efficiently attend to multiple customers without missing a single one.

Give Your Customers Out-of-the-box Solutions

Handle your customers anytime and from anywhere with Salesforce Service Cloud. Select the right Service Cloud edition, that suits the best with your business.

Salesforce Essentials

  • Specially designed for small teams of customer support.
  • Price – $25 USD per user per month

Salesforce Professionals

  • Dedicated Service CRM for teams of any size
  • Price – $75 USD per user per month

Salesforce Enterprise

  • Customized CRM, designed to offer comprehensive services
  • Price – $150 USD per user per month

Unlimited Edition

  • Unlimited services, and unlimited benefits
  • Price – $300 per user per month

The Conclusion

Salesforce motto is to deliver the utmost customer satisfaction through its impeccable products. Service Cloud is just a cherry on a cake that elevates this cloud-computing solution.

We hope this post will help you understand the features, benefits, and uses of Service Cloud, and now you can go for Salesforce consulting services with well-informed decisions.

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