Salesforce Connections 2024 – An Ultimate Guide To Achieve Marketing Excellence

Salesforce Connections 2024, one of the most prominent Salesforce events that take place every year is here once again. Like every year, this Salesforce event will be held in Chicago in 2024, and it is all set to offer the visitors a unique opportunity to network with like-minded people in the marketing space from across the world.

Salesforce Connections will take place on May 22nd and 23rd 2024 and serve as a perfect place to discover the latest marketing innovations, valuable insights, and much more, under one roof.

According to the resources those marketing professionals who have attended this marketing event, are now more confident in tackling marketing challenges. The event gives you an opportunity to discover new technologies and solutions that elevate your marketing efforts.

Let’s move ahead and dive into the magic of Salesforce Connections 2024. In this ultimate guide of Salesforce Connections, we will try to give you the maximum information possible, consolidated from different verified resources, and help you plan for this event like a pro.


What to Expect from Salesforce Connections 2024? The Sessions

One of the best parts of the Salesforce Connections event is its productive, illuminating, and inspiring range of sessions. Each session is designed to empower your marketing capabilities backed by the power of Artificial Intelligence.

In Salesforce Connections , there will be 270+ sessions, keynotes, and more that are focused on practical applications and actionable insights that will benefit diverse professional roles.


Sessions in this Salesforce event are categorized into five parts  –


  1. Role

No matter what role you are playing in the ecosystem of Salesforce, there’s something for everyone in Salesforce Connections 2024. The Sessions are majorly for 16 types of different roles, such as administrator, data analyst, developer, marketing, operations, sales, small business owner, and many more.

Here’s how people performing different roles can leverage these sessions – 

  • Marketing Leaders – You can sharpen your strategic vision and explore industry trends in sessions geared towards CMOs, marketing directors, and brand managers. 
  • Sales Professionals – Enhance your selling skills and leverage AI for deeper customer insights in sessions designed for account executives, sales development reps, and solution consultants. 
  • Customer Success Managers – Discover innovative strategies to cultivate strong customer relationships and maximize lifetime value in sessions tailored for CSMs and customer experience specialists.


  1. Industry 

Marketing is an eminent part of every business’s success, and thus it doesn’t matter whether you belong to a manufacturing or financial services industry, Salesforce Connections  benefits professionals from every industry, equally.

Automotive, media & entertainment, education, engineering, real estate, retail, life sciences, energy, public sector, and hospitality are a few industries that can leverage this Salesforce event.

  • Consumer Goods: Professionals from this industry can learn the way AI can personalize customer journeys and optimize marketing campaigns for B2C brands.
  • Financial Services: Explore regulatory considerations and leverage AI for risk management and fraud detection in the financial sector. 
  • Healthcare: Discover how AI can personalize patient experiences and streamline healthcare delivery processes. 
  • Non-Profit: Learn how AI can empower non-profit organizations to maximize fundraising efforts and deepen donor relationships.


  1. Products

Now, this is an interesting category, wherein event visitors can attend the sessions based on their specific requirements. Salesforce comes with a complete baggage of products and it understands not every business uses every product, so as per your requirements, you can select the event.

Some of the sub-categories of products are as follows – AppExchanage, Commerce Cloud, Data Cloud, Experience Cloud, Financial Services Cloud, Media Cloud, MuleSoft, Salesforce Starter Packs, Success Plans, Tableau, Trailhead, and many more.

  • Marketing Cloud – Dive deep into the capabilities of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, mastering email automation, social media marketing, and data-driven campaign optimization.
  • Sales Cloud – Unlock the full potential of Salesforce Sales Cloud, exploring lead nurturing, opportunity management, and AI-powered forecasting tools.
  • Service Cloud – Refine your customer service strategies with sessions focused on Service Cloud functionalities, including case management, omnichannel communication, and self-service portals.
  • Einstein Analytics – Harness the power of artificial intelligence with in-depth sessions on Einstein Analytics, empowering you to unlock data-driven insights and make informed marketing and business decisions.
  1. Session Type

Just because it is a tech conference, it doesn’t mean we should just focus on the tech sessions only. To keep up with the different moods of Salesforce professionals, the event is bifurcated into different session types namely, breakout, hands-on-workshop, keynote, roundtable, and theater.

  • Main Keynotes – Gain inspiration and a high-level view of industry trends from renowned speakers and Salesforce executives. 
  • Breakout Sessions – Choose from a wide range of in-depth sessions that cater to specific topics, roles, and industries. 
  • Panels & Discussions – Engage in interactive panel discussions featuring industry experts and thought leaders who will share their insights and answer your burning questions. 
  • Hands-on Workshops – Gain practical experience and learn by doing through interactive workshops that equip you with tangible skills on specific Salesforce products.


  1. Session Level

Not everyone who attends the sessions is an expert or an intermediate. Each person has its own capabilities. Considering this facility, Salesforce Connections brings sessions classified into different levels of expertise, such as introductory, intermediate, advanced, etc.

  • Beginner – Ideal for those new to Salesforce or specific functionalities, these sessions provide a foundational understanding of key concepts. 
  • Intermediate – Build upon your existing knowledge by exploring more advanced features and strategies for Salesforce products and marketing practices. 
  • Advanced – Challenge yourself with in-depth sessions designed for seasoned Salesforce users, focusing on best practices and cutting-edge techniques for maximizing the platform’s capabilities.


By strategically selecting sessions based on your role, industry, desired product expertise, preferred learning format, and skill level, you can maximize your time and knowledge gain at Salesforce Connections.


List of Top 10 Sessions to Must Attend During Salesforce Connections 2024

  • 10 marketing and Commerce Apps to Make Life Easier
  • 10 Resources to Boost Salesforce Marketing Skills 
  • 3 Experts on How to Get More Value from AI and Data
  • 5 Reasons GenAI is the Next Chapter in Storytelling
  • 6 Guiding Principles to Drive CRM Adoption
  • 9x Lead Follow-up Response- beating Digital Fatigue in 2024
  • AI and Social Data – Reshape Your Customer Journey
  • Benchmarking Your Commerce Maturity to Drive Innovation
  • Boost Retail Advertising Sales by Harnessing 1st Party Data
  • Build Trust Generative AI Commerce Experiences


The List of Speakers at Salesforce Connection 2024 – Making AI Reality

  • Matthew Blonder
      • Chief Digital Officer
      • Canada Goose
  • Angela Rueda
    • Head of Business Marketing Technology 
    • Meta Platforms
  • Julio Cesar Santos De Castro
      • CIO
      • Algar Telecom
  • Sabrina Heise
      • SVP, Customer Engagement
      • NBC Sports
  • Andy Chang
    • CMO
    • UChicago Medicine
  • Trovon Williams
    • SVP
    • NAACP
  • Ariel Kelman
    • President and CMO
    • Salesforce
  • Kelly Thacker
  • CMO
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud


The Best Reasons Why You Can’t-Miss Going to Salesforce Connections 2024

Salesforce Connections is a treasure trove of knowledge, industry connections, and cutting-edge marketing strategies. Here’s why you can’t afford to miss this Salesforce event. Get ready to unveil the inside tips to supercharge your Connections 2024 experience.


The power of Artificial Intelligence

The 2024 session of Connections is focused on AI, Data, and CRM. The event has sessions focused on the transformative potential of AI for commerce and marketing.

Skill Building

Building skills as per international standards, and that too from the industry’s expert, is a dream for many, and it can be true with Connections 2024. It is not a hyperbolic statement. With over 270+ sessions categorized by role, industry, and skill level, Connections offers a personalized learning experience.

Fecund Networking

Industry giants from different parts of the world come to this congress, and it is the best time to elevate your networking with the help of industry leaders. Engage in interactive panel discussions, attend networking events, and forge connections that can open doors to new opportunities and collaborations.

Latest Salesforce Updates

Salesforce is a highly dynamic world that changes with each day. Connections 2024 event of Salesforce allows visitors to explore the latest marketing and commerce technologies showcased by Salesforce and its partners.

You can also get hands-on experience with innovative solutions during workshops and demos, and discover tools that can revolutionize your marketing approach.


Three Insider Tips to Get the Maximum Output of Your Visit to Salesforce Connections 2024

Plan Your Schedule in Advance

With so many sessions to choose from, pre-planning is key. Review the session catalog beforehand, identify sessions that align with your goals, and create a personalized schedule to optimize your learning experience. 

Network Like a Pro

Don’t be afraid to break the ice! Connections are a breeding ground for valuable connections. Attend networking events, participate in discussions, and introduce yourself to fellow attendees. You never know who you might meet and what opportunities might arise. 

Take Advantage of Hands-on Workshops

Don’t just listen, learn by doing! Hands-on workshops offer a practical approach to mastering new skills and tools. Sign up for workshops relevant to your needs and walk away with tangible takeaways to implement immediately.


Looking Beyond Connections: A Glimpse into Dreamforce 2024

While Connections provides a focused dive into marketing and commerce, Salesforce’s flagship event, Dreamforce, promises an even grander experience.

Click here to check out the Dreamforce 2024 – An Ultimate Guide



Whether you choose to attend Connections, Dreamforce, or both, engaging with the Salesforce event circuit is a guaranteed investment in your professional growth and the future success of your marketing endeavors.  So, mark your calendars, and get ready to experience the transformative power of Salesforce Connections 2024!

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