Salesforce: Best CRM For Real Estate Agents

CRM, a customer relationship management tool is a one-stop solution for the marketing and sales industry. These industries depend on CRM for quantifying and building relationships with customers. It allows you to gather and keep pertinent information, including demographic data, current interaction and purchase history of customers in a single location. Moreover, CRM can be put to use to plan and strategize to provide better customer experiences and enhance interactions with customers.

However, this is not the only industry, CRM tool can cater to. Customer relationship management plays an important place in other industries, such as real estate industries. The information, including purchase history and past and current interactions of customers, can help real estate agents to know their potential clients and personalize their experience. This will make the process, right from the inquiry to sales, quicker.

How Does It Help?

Well, for real estate, the CRM is not just a database. Real estate agents deal with multiple clients, and each of them has different preferences, hence needs to be handled differently. An excellent CRM tool must be a simple and customizable tool that can contain data of current and potential clients.

The best real estate CRM works as a solution for most of the problems that real estate agent faces. Some of the issues that real estate handles:


  • Needs To Deal With A Large Volume Of Information


Real-estate business used to work on word of mouth and recommendations, and it works on it to an extent, however, as technology has evolved, it provides other options too. Agents can use advertising, both online and offline, social media, websites and more to allure more clients.

As there are various options to use, which not only provides chances to increase ROI but can also bring a lot of information to be dealt with. That’s when good real estate CRM can help. It can incorporate all the information in a database, which can be accessed from any location.


  • Clients Anticipate Response Instantly


Usually, a real estate agent has a handful of clients, and each one of them needs special attention. Well, it is natural to expect a fast response as buying a property denotes commitment. As per stats, 88% of clients expect their real estate agent to respond within an hour. Therefore, responding on time is what their business depends on.

Using one of the best real estate CRMs is what the hour needs to be fast and responsive. As the CRM tools can be personalized to send DMs and reminders to agents,  so that, they never miss a client or potential customer. Also, these CRM tools come with features which allow real estate agents to customize some of the automatic responses for general queries.


  • Needs To Identify What Is Working


Real estate industry is not just limited to client interactions and helping clients to buy a property; it means investing time and building trust. If your clients suddenly lose interest, you as a realtor must identify the problem firsthand to avoid risks involved. This can efficiently happen when you have a real estate CRM tool which can help you gather data in real-time, which allows realtors to respond quickly as & when required.


  • Stay in Contact With Former Clients


A trustworthy real estate agent puts all his efforts to help the client find a house or property which fits their budget and need. If a real estate agent succeeds in providing good quality service, clients usually recommend them to their friends and family. Also, the chances are high that next time the client looking for a property, they simply consult the same realtor.

As established earlier, the real estate business works on referral and recommendations. However, to make sure your former clients come back to you, you must stay in contact, even after the sale is completed.

With CRM tools, you can stay in touch with your clients by sending them automated messages which can include, follow-ups, open house invitations or birthday or holiday greetings.

Which Is The Best Real Estate CRM?

Now you know how CRM tool can help your real estate business, let’s know which CRM can help you the best.

Most of the CRM tools come with similar features, however, not all can suit your real estate business’ needs. So, to know which one is the best in your interest, you need to know all your requirements and challenges.

Once you have acknowledged your hurdles, search for CRMs which can provide you with complete solutions. One of the best CRMs, Salesforce can help you with all your real estate needs. It also comes with a trial version or demo to explore all the features. It is a simple, and highly customizable, and can be integrated with different processes. It is a tool that allows realtors to accumulate, manage and recall client data with ease. Also, it can help in incorporating multiple data sources using a single program.

With Salesforce, you get marketing automation, sales management, customer service with partner relationship management.

Salesforce CRM can help real estate agents stay connected with customer instantly. It comes with a centralized database to get clients. Moreover, after the sales process is completed, real estate agents can take a look at the insights to improve relationships with clients along with future sales transactions.

So, all in all, the realtors can use CRM features to track individual leads, former clients and existing clients from thousands of potential customers. Also, the information including contact information, preferences, and additional notes is attached to every single buyer, helps agents to access the information in a few seconds.

Furthermore, with integrated sales software, agents can help and guide their clients better. CRM-enhanced collaboration tools can organising teams, make inter-company communication better, along with streamlining data tools over the entire organization, hence improving project management in real-time.

With Customer-relationship expertise along with the flexible and intuitive interface, Salesforce is the best choice when it comes to CRM for real-estate. With one touch, realtors can accumulate, analyze, and access information related to their clients in real-time.

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