Salesforce Automation Testing: The Best Practices and Benefits

One of the most important benefits of using Salesforce CRM is its ability to easily get integrated and implemented. The platform is extensive, highly configurable, and paves the path for seamless integration with enterprise solutions such as web service security, web portals, outbound messaging, service cloud, security, Apex programming, data loader, social media, and many more.

There are many other Salesforce integration services available. And while leveraging them, businesses often forget or do not give preference to the process of testing.

It is either because of budget limits, time constraints, or negligence. However, in the absence of proper testing, the outcome will be of poor quality. The performance of the solution will be sub-optimal, and it will lead to customer dissatisfaction. The lack of testing will end up in the increase of quality control costs. 

Hence, effective testing is as important as any other process in Salesforce integration and implementation.


Types of Testing in Salesforce Environment

Manual Testing

Evident to its name, the process of testing involves manual intrusions. There are multiple traditional methods involved in the manual testing process. It also involves an entire team of testers and QAs. They execute multiple testing such as functional testing, integration testing, happy path testing, regression testing, and system testing, to name a few.


Automated Testing

The process of automated testing involves various computer programs for the smooth & automated testing of the app. There are various tools that help businesses execute automated Salesforce testing. Some of the names of such tools include QTP (Quick Test Professional), Assure Click, and Selenium, etc.


A Brief on Salesforce Automation Testing

Quality assurance and testing are the two most important factors in the success of a Salesforce project. Good testing involves analysis of the customization done on the code along with the configuration of the admin module so that performance of the outcome can be easily measured.

However, when it comes to Automated testing in the Salesforce environment, things get a bit exciting because it involves testing apps or features through a computer program.

The major focus of automated testing in Salesforce is on Salesforce integration, Salesforce migration, new API endpoints, and website layout. Through this way, a business can rest assured of the maximum benefits. 

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Best Practices for Salesforce Automation Testing

Salesforce automation testing is a complex task. For a successful CRM development, a business must have proper and thorough testing for its Salesforce project.

The major focus of Salesforce automation testing is on the changing website layout, introduction of new API endpoints, and Salesforce integration. You should hire a professional Salesforce CRM development company for the successful execution of automation testing.

But before you hire a company for Salesforce CRM software development and testing, keep these best practices in consideration so that when you discuss the requirements with the Salesforce consulting services provider, you can understand the approach & methodology.


Test Planning and Strategy

A strategically planned and designed Salesforce test plan has a higher chance of success. A good plan for Salesforce automation testing involves documentation of multiple testing phases, the list of tools that will come in use, and documents of any other factor that a business might need to consider after the testing. The stage of planning helps you define the high-level objective automation testing and recognize the stakeholders.

Things to keep in mind while Salesforce automation test planning:

  • Keep the test small
  • Keep the focus on one aim at a time
  • Make a list of all test case scenarios
  • Assemble the technical requirements that facilitate automation testing
  • Decide the actions of the automated tests
  • Divide the actions into small parts for better management


Stakeholder Involvement in User Acceptance Testing

The team of testers and user acceptance testing play an equally important role in the success of any Salesforce automation project.

Make sure you partner with an experienced Salesforce testing stakeholder so that you can bring the desired results. With the help of an expert testing partner, you can elevate the chances to garner better Returns on Salesforce automation investment.

UAT team can help with Salesforce automation testing in the following manner:

  • They help identify issues in Salesforce
  • Help businesses to meet the issues in Salesforce with the required parameters
  • Their feedback helps in making the project more error-free
  • They help in bringing alignment in the development process


Have Test Team Starts Early

Another best practice to streamline Salesforce automation testing is to have your testing team start early with their testing procedure. It will help your team to get familiarized with your software and requirements.

When the testing team professionals start working on a project early, it will give them ample time to go through the project thoroughly and identify the smallest error. Also, testers will get enough time to see if the code works effectively before the final deployment.

Get your testing team to start working early on the Salesforce automation project and get the following benefits:

  • Testers get time to test the project in all possible ways and meet the specific software or app requirements
  • They can identify if the software has any essential requirements
  • Early testing helps businesses discover errors at the early stage
  • Testing Salesforce automation in the development stage helps in saving substantial costs, time, and efforts.
  • Early testing reduces business risk, elevates app security, and improves overall quality.


Use of Test Automation Tools for Salesforce Testing

There’s a complete list of state of the art technology stack that can facilitate Salesforce automation testing. By selecting the right set of automated tools, businesses can save ample time and costs.

Below are mentioned some amazing Salesforce automation tools. At the time when you hire Salesforce CRM development company, ask them if its team has proficiency in these tools:

  • Microsoft Dynamics – This Salesforce automation software is highly flexible and excellently serves as a business management tool. Boasted with exemplary features, it helps businesses improving sales processes and helps in opportunity into leads rapidly. 


  • Sales Edge – This automation tool facilitates new customer sign-ins. The tool is fitted with numerous features that streamline processes like requesting a proposal, increase in RFP response time, sales presentation automation, and other processes.


  • Selenium – It is a fairly good automation tool that streamlines Salesforce automation testing. With the help of this tool, you can also easily manage your critical project with easy to debug coding errors.

Some other names of Salesforce automation tools include Apex, HP Unified Functional Testing, and Insight Squared.


Agile Approach

It is advisable to follow an agile methodology at the time of Salesforce automation testing. It will help you design the entire product in the small incremental build and let you re-evaluate the progress of each build after every sprint.

In this way, you would be able to test the entire product more effectively with greater efficiency. You can discover even the microscopic errors that will minimize bug fixing costs.


Advantages of Salesforce Automation Testing

  • There will be fewer errors in the process.
  • The accomplishment of a project within the stipulated time frame
  • Reduce repetitive tasks, and increase business efficiency
  • Reduce business expenses & deliver high-quality work
  • Automatically detects bugs & fix them rapidly
  • Ensures the proper functioning of apps for business
  • Increase in ROI & offer error-free outcomes



Salesforce automation testing is an interesting process. It has multiple benefits that will ultimately save your time and let you have detailed test coverage. There are many Salesforce CRM development companies, hire the one that has strong experience and expertise in the domain.

FEXLE Services is a top-rated Salesforce Gold consulting partner. The team has proficiency in Salesforce automation testing, Salesforce integration, and Salesforce implementation services, to name a few.

The company ensures a proper Salesforce automation testing plan that will enhance your business system and pave the path for greater ROI.

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