Salesforce Acquired Tableau

Salesforce is the world’s biggest CRM company is also set to rule the analytics world as it has acquired the number one analytics platform, Tableau, fully hosted in the cloud.
Salesforce recently acquired Tablaue for $15.7 billion announced in June.

Tableau is a company founded in 2003. The net worth of the company is  $10.9 billion market capitalization. It is a data visualization software company that empowers people of any skill to work with the data presented.

Let’s know why Salesforce has acquired Tableau and what would be the benefits.

Reasons Behind Acquiring Tableau 

Acquiring Tableau is till now the biggest deal done by the CRM company. The deal was closed in $15.7 billion within two months of the announcement. The acquisition completed on August 1, 2019. Last year, the company acquired Mulesoft for $6.5 billion. With these two companies on its side, Salesforce now has a broader view and better possibilities at analyzing data.

This CRM company has access to data, irrespective of where it lives, be it on the cloud or on-premises. With Tableau on its side, it can aim towards the data visualization market as well.

With this acquisition, two things are cleared, one is data analytics will be an important part of the services the company offers. Second, data visualization will be a part of its complete analytics play.

Salesforce chairman Marc Benioff stated, “Tableau will make Salesforce Customer 360, including Salesforce’s analytics capabilities, stronger than ever, enabling our customers to accelerate innovation and make smarter decisions across every part of their business.”

As Tableau is team Salesforce now, hopefully visualizing and understanding data will be easy.

Salesforce is said to be lately busy in acquiring companies to empower Einstein, the Analytics/ AI platform. Rumor has it, Tableau might be the part of this. Initially, Einstein was supposed to be on top of the Salesforce CRM dashboard and suggest insights.

However, with time, it seems like there is more to it.  Salesforce with Tableau will work on the cloud story. Now, the company can intensify its integrated analytics stack in its own cloud. Customers can analyze it all in one place, without migrating to other clouds

Tableau joining the team not only filled a void of data visualization but also points towards Salesforce likely prepping to stand against cloud computing solutions Azure, and AWS.

To Wrap Up: 

Right from when there it all started, talks about the deal, and the final closure of the deal, there has been hustle-bustle around. However, the real challenge is the transition. It is important for the transition to be smooth and easy. This will lay a foundation, how these two companies will work in sync and as the same entity eventually.

With Tableau, Salesforce will get a great opportunity to widen its horizon in data analytics, however, how it goes, is yet to be seen.


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