Revolutionizing Salesforce Data Migration: FEXLE’s Success Story with Prodly AppOPS

Salesforce is undoubtedly one of the largest cloud-based CRMs in the world, and it compacts with myriad advanced features and functionalities. One of the most prominent features of Salesforce is its seamless data migration capabilities.

The process of data migration is critical for any business. It is a cumbersome and error-prone process. In the present era, a company that strives for success must have strong experience in data management and migration within the Salesforce environment.  


AppOPS – A Tool to Manage & Deploy Metadata Quickly, Efficiently and with Compliance

Prodly, a company renowned for its rapid development tools for low-code Salesforce applications, faced a significant challenge: streamlining data migration between Salesforce orgs.

Manual data migration is a laborious and error-prone process, often leading to delays and inconsistencies. This inefficiency hindered Prodly’s mission of empowering businesses to build and improve business apps quickly and consistently.

Partnering with FEXLE, Prodly sought a solution to revolutionize data migration

In this post, we will help you understand FEXLE’s role in building AppOPS and how it empowers users to streamline data migration within the Salesforce ecosystem.


Bottlenecks in the Process of Data Migration – The Challenges

As a leader in developing low-code Salesforce apps, Prodly empowers businesses in building and improving futuristic business apps. But, when it comes to data migration, that’s where the felt setback. This time-consuming and error-prone process created a bottleneck, hindering their mission of delivering agility and efficiency. 

Here’s how manual data migration was impacting Proudly:

Slow Release Cycles – It took days in data migration for test and deployment. It significantly slowed down the release cycle of new features and functionalities.

Increased Errors – The manual data migration process was prone to human errors, potentially leading to data inconsistencies and disruptions.

Reduced Productivity – The repetitive and tedious manual migration burdened Salesforce admins and developers, diverting their focus from more strategic tasks.

Proudly partnered with FEXLE, a Salesforce Gold Consulting Company specializing in building secure and user-friendly Salesforce solutions. FEXLE’s expertise in automation and secure data handling made it the ideal partner to tackle this challenge.


Overcoming Hurdles: The Advance Approach of FEXLE

The team of certified Salesforce consultants at FEXLE understood the complexities of Prodly’s needs. 

However, achieving these objectives presented several key challenges: 

Native Salesforce App – FEXLE had to create a native Salesforce app from scratch, empowering users to set up complex data sets and seamlessly migrate data between orgs.

Secured OAuth Connection – Building an app that connects users with multiple orgs via a secured OAuth connection was essential to maintain data integrity and security.

User-Controlled Setting Nodes – The solution demanded setting nodes fully controlled by users, providing flexibility and customization options.

Robust Backend Services – Developing a robust backend service tier capable of securely reading migration configurations and executing data migration between desired orgs.


AppOPS – A Solution by FEXLE Driven by Innovation and Reliability

With a team of six dedicated professionals and a timeline spanning over two years, FEXLE embarked on the journey to transform Prodly’s vision into reality.

FEXLE partnered with Prodly and developed a solution AppOPS, a native Salesforce app that simplifies complex data sets, optimizes deployments, and fast-track releases.


FEXLE’s Tech Stack: Powering a Secure Solution with Futuristic Technologies

Prodly AppOPS leverages the power of the Salesforce Platform and APIs to deliver a robust solution:

  • Salesforce Platform: Apex, VisualForce, SOQL, Lightning Experience
  • APIs: SOAP, REST, OAuth, Tooling, Metadata
  • Project Management: Jira, GitHub


AppOPS Features: A User-Centric Approach

  • Simplified data migration – Effortless migration for users of all technical backgrounds. 
  • Intuitive interface – Easy navigation for a smooth data deployment process. 
  • Secure connections – Robust OAuth ensures data security during migration. 
  • Real-time tracking – Monitor deployment progress for informed decision-making. 
  • Flexible org connections – Connect any Salesforce org with the source org. 
  • Multi-org connectivity – Establish secure connections across multiple Salesforce organizations. 
  • User-controlled settings – Users have complete control over all migration configurations. 
  • Effortless schema migration – Migrate schemas between orgs with ease. 
  • Pre-built datasets – Leverage pre-built datasets for CPQ, Billing, and FSL for faster deployments. 
  • Customizable migration order – Define the order of data migration within complex object relationships.


Why Choose FEXLE for Salesforce Migration Services?

FEXLE’s collaboration with Prodly on the AppOPS project exemplifies the company’s commitment to innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

By overcoming challenges and delivering a groundbreaking solution, FEXLE has solidified its position as a premier partner for Salesforce development projects.

Whether you’re seeking to streamline data migration, enhance productivity, or build custom Salesforce applications, FEXLE stands ready to exceed your expectations.

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