Importance of Continuous Improvement in Salesforce for Greater Business Growth and Enhanced ROI

Whenever it comes to buying any electronic product, we all purchase the one with the latest version. A manufacturer releases the physical products once it is thoroughly tested and up to the market standard. And once a product gets released and reaches the hands of consumers, it is impossible to update, improve, and debug the product.

Such is not the case with cloud-based subscription products like Salesforce. Salesforce is an amazing cloud-based CRM with multi-advanced functionalities that enables customers to execute business operations seamlessly, deliver client-centric services, and build a strong relationship with customers, to name a few.

Unlike the physical products, Salesforce keeps evolving itself by bringing new versions every quarter – spring release, summer release, winter release, etc. – and by adding new functionalities through mergers and acquisitions.

When Salesforce is getting evolved as per the market demand, it becomes evident for businesses who have adopted Salesforce implementation services to evolve with time and technology.

Companies should understand that to stay competitive and above the competitor, they have to come out of their comfort zone and go for continuous improvement in Salesforce. 

In this post we will discuss the importance of continuous improvement, reasons for SF implementation fails, the way to engage employees in continuous improvement, and many other factors.

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Why Should Businesses Go for Continuous Improvement After Salesforce Implementation Services?

Harnessing Full Salesforce Potential

Salesforce is a comprehensive business solution platform. It caters to businesses with different requirements and also helps companies in making them more productive. 

Sales cloud, service cloud, community cloud, marketing cloud, and Salesforce managed services are some of the biggest Salesforce products and services that a company can enjoy.

There might be a chance that your company doesn’t require every product that Salesforce has to offer, but as and when your company grows, you can always find the right and required solution with Salesforce.

Create a plan, have a vision where you want to take your business and that’s how Salesforce integration will prove helpful to you and your business.


Improve Tech Efficiency

We have discussed above the scope of improvement and efficiency that Salesforce offers its users. And it is quite true.

It is often seen that in the absence of proper testing and quality analysis companies end up wasting the time, cost, and resources of customers and also for themselves.

Salesforce helps companies avoid facing such situations by offering a development environment, called sandbox, where companies can thoroughly test and analyze the product’s outcome, bugs, and other factors before launching it for customer use.

We can assure you that whenever you hire a Salesforce consulting company, the chances of getting flawless outcomes becomes 99%.

Hence, we can say that businesses should understand the importance to stay flexible with Salesforce build.


Strong Analytics and Reporting

When a business plans its future strategy, it always considers the reporting and analysis. A good and accurate report & analysis is the pillar of successful planning and business growth.

Through the phase of upgrading and updating, Salesforce has incredibly evolved its dashboards and reporting system that have empowered many businesses in taking the right decision at the right time.

Salesforce helps businesses bring multiple lenses into the company to elevate the company’s performance. Each lens reveals the data that helps businesses in improving their existing processes and brings efficiency.

The strong Salesforce reports and dashboards functionalities help businesses in getting acquainted with the latest trends by capturing required information and enabling integration with 3rd party systems.


Business Need Upgraded Technology

To stay in the competition, every business needs to have changed in its existing process. With time it becomes essential for a business to have necessary changes in the existing technology, existing business process, to introduce the new business process, acquire new customers, and tweak the new process.

The implementation and integration of Salesforce can help you with all the above-stated processes. Hire a top & experienced Salesforce consulting company with strong & certified Salesforce experts, and get the best of cloud technology.

Salesforce will help you stay ahead of your competitors and let you enjoy the power of automation. Thus, it becomes evident for a business to strive for continuous improvement in Salesforce as and when required.


Good Strategy

Keeping up with the time, trends, and technology is a best business practice. A couple of years back, Salesforce launched its lightning version, due to which many users got distracted. Changes often make people restless.

But, the new and advanced features of the latest version made users gradually embrace Lightning. Still, there are many users that are using the classic version, but one has to understand that at some point Salesforce classic will phase out and that will force users to switch to lightning.

Businesses should embrace changes and adopt new technology. It is a best practice that elevates system performance and resolves its issues. The new technology offers users a sense of ownership and confidence to stay competitive.


Involve Employees in Continuous Improvements

We have discussed why businesses should strive for continuous Salesforce improvement but what we have forgotten is the users – the employees – who will use the upgraded Salesforce solution.

Ultimately it will be your team members who are the final users of the evolved Salesforce solution. Thus, it becomes essential for businesses to let their employees engage with the continuously improved Salesforce solutions.

Below are some tips that will help you in the process.

Have Clarity About The Goal to Achieve

Whenever your team start working on the upgraded system, make sure you and your team have clarity on the goal needed to achieve in a particular initiative. 

In the absence of proper knowledge of the goal, businesses might face problems such as backlogs in workflow, fewer profits, and delayed timelines.

  • Make the goals and impacts of goals crystal clear to your team.
  • Have an on-time result analysis period – monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc.
  • Keeping close eyes on competitors and checking what & how their teams are doing.


Nurture New Ideas

The idea is something that can come from anybody. Even the smallest of an employee can sometimes give a significant idea that can change the course of business actions.

And it is the workers that will use the evolved Salesforce solution, therefore it’s essential to listen to the perspective of frontline workers and embrace if anything comes beneficial.

  • Encourage the employee to present new ideas.
  • Include them in decision making.
  • Adopt the suggestion if you feel it’s good.
  • Always be thankful to an employee for taking out time to share his or her thoughts.
  • Recognition and appreciation is the key to greater employee productivity and employee satisfaction.


Positive Reinforcement

Only the negative feedback sometimes or, we must say often leads to the drainage of employees’ productivity. Always provide constructive feedback and not negative. And even if you provide a negative one, balance the paradigm by providing the positive reinforcement.

  • Keep guiding employees with the tips to keep themselves up-to-date with new Salesforce solutions.
  • Talk to employees if they are facing any problem with the new & updated Salesforce solution.
  • Ask their reviews to make the solution and process more productive as they are the only ones who will work on the solution, and if they are happy, then it will guarantee productive outcomes.



Whether you are new to Salesforce or a regular user of Salesforce, you should understand the importance of continuous improvement in Salesforce. Hire Salesforce consulting company or certified Salesforce experts that can help you carry out the enhancement requests productively. Good guidance can help you carry out all kinds of incremental platform improvements. We hope that now you must have understood the importance of changes in Salesforce.

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