An Ultimate Guide to Fitness and Nutrition Mobile App Development – Everything You Need to Know

Fitness and nutrition are the two most important factors that help us keep fit and running. The last couple of years were traumatic. The world was in turmoil. The pandemic has taken a toll on all of us. The spread of the virus has made many of us vulnerable to diseases. We needed a solution through which we could track our fitness, and here comes Fitness and Nutrition mobile app development play.

We have seen a sudden rise in demand of fitness tracking mobile app development. The global fitness app market was valued at USD 1.1. bn in 2021, and it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 17.6% by 2030.

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46% more people have started downloading fitness and health apps because of the growing trend of online fitness training and global awareness about fitness and mental well-being.

There is a substantial rise in the fitness app market of 48.8% from 2019 to 2020. 


Fitness Apps Market as Per Different Devices

  • Smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices are the three most important markets for fitness apps in the world.
  • The smartphone seems to be the biggest revenue-generating market for fitness and health apps.
  • The adoption of the smartphone based fitness apps will rise from 65% to 75% by 2022.

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Currently, there are a plethora of fitness and nutrition apps available in the market. The demand for such apps is also rising and people are getting more aware of their health with each passing day.

Are looking forward to an opportunity to be a part of the fitness app industry, then you have landed at the right place. 

In this post, we help you become well-versed in all the dos and don’ts of fitness and nutrition app development. 

We ensure you that after reading this post you will have all the information that will garner your perfect health & fitness app development services.

So before you hire a fitness and nutrition app development company, read this article thoroughly. You will get all the necessary information. Let’s begin our journey to fitness and nutrition app development.


Decide on What Type of Fitness App You Want to Build

The foremost step to build a fitness app is to understand your requirements. There are several kinds of fitness and nutrition apps available in the market, serving different purposes.

Each type of fitness app offers different kinds of features to its users such as health tracking, socializing, education on fitness, recommendation on the next activity, etc. These apps work like a personal fitness trainer.


Custom Fitness and Nutrition Apps for Tracking Physical Activities

Fitness and health apps of this category track the daily physical activities of a user such as daily steps, hours slept, stairs climbed, speed & distance traveled, total calories burned, etc.

The app captures all the data and showcases it on the device’s screen. It creates progress charts of activities, displays daily progress in numbers, and saves pathways on the map.

Health & Fitness Apps To Assist You with Diet and Nutrition

It is another category of health and fitness applications that especially helps users track their food habits. The fitness, nutrition, and dieting apps track calories consumed and burned. It regulates the body’s weight and fluid balance.

Users can easily adjust their nutrition and diet goals on the nutrition apps. It allows users to design custom shopping lists, search for various nutrition-rich recipes, and engage users via games such as scoreboards and slimming contests.

Fitness Apps for Personal Training

The personal training fitness apps work like your personal gym where a personal trainer is assigned to a user (human or AI-based bot) that assists fitness lovers throughout their fitness journey.

The instructor instructs users on their exercise regime, eating habits, and on other health activities.

Health and Fitness Hybrid Applications

The name hybrid evidently suggests that such apps are the perfect amalgamation of all the previously discussed fitness applications. These types of apps offer personal trainers to users, advise fitness freaks on their eating habits, and suggest suitable workouts.

The hybrid health & fitness apps empower users with self-monitoring capabilities through the calorie calculation feature.


Top 5 Features Required for Fitness and Nutrition App Development

Following are the must-have features of an ideal health and fitness application – 

Easy Sign-in/Signup

Make sure you prepare such an app that makes onboarding super easy for the users. Make the sign-in and signup operation convenient via simple social media integration, mobile number, OTP login, or you can get the conventional email filling method.

Make sure the onboarding of a personal trainer should be easy at the time of health and nutrition app development.


Push Notification

This is an essential feature that keeps users engaged with your health and nutrition application. The push notifications give the users all updates on the ongoing app actions along with the details of their routine commitments and goals.

Some other things for which push notification comes include new services, discount codes, exciting offers, etc.


Goal Setting

For a nutrition and health fitness application, the set goal is an imperative feature that enables users to stay on track with their health journey. The users who sign in to a fitness tracking app keep some goals to get fit and healthy, lose weight, cure health diseases, etc.

Integrate this feature at the time of fitness and nutrition app development and enable users to set their goals in a user-friendly manner.


Tracking Goal

Once the goal is set, it is essential to keep track of the set goal. That’s where the monitoring progress feature of fitness and health apps comes into play. Users can understand the accomplished level of their set goals.

The progress tracking feature can be classified into different stages of tracking, such as daily tracking, monthly tracking, quarterly tracking, and also tracking of goals on a yearly basis.

Tracking features keep the motivation up for the users and increase app engagement.


Interactive Dashboard

The dashboard is an essential feature for any health & fitness application. It allows users to see the level where they stand today, where they started their journey and where they want to move.

The dashboard feature should be intuitive for all stakeholders – personal trainers, users, and admin. 


Category Wise Features for Health and Fitness Applications

User-Facing App

  • Easy to register
  • Profile management
  • Calories counter
  • Diet Planner
  • Nutritional Information
  • Add new food
  • Recipe manager
  • Activity monitor
  • 3rd party integration
  • Health record management
  • Community builder


Admin Interface

  • User management
  • Notification management
  • Subscription management
  • Dashboard and visualization
  • Rewards management
  • In-app purchases
  • Chat module


The Basic but Important Steps for Health and Fitness App Development

Following are the monetization models that you can choose for your health and fitness application – 

Paid Apps

Users purchase your application as per this model. The price may vary as per the type of app, the platform used, features and functionalities

In-App Purchase

You induce users to buy something within your application. A supplementary product or service or any premium feature would work.

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Join hands with fitness professionals and organizations like gyms, etc., and they will provide valuable & quality content to app users.


Technology Used for health and fitness app development

Technologies are changing dramatically. It is essential to keep up with the same to get an edge over your competitors. Here are a few latest technologies that you can consider while building health and fitness application – 

  • UX/UI – For graphic design and sketch
  • Xcode – iOS app
  • Java – Android app development
  • Google Play Store – Android Studio
  • Google Analytics – To fetch app  performance
  • Geo-fencing method for location-based functions
  • API from Google
  • Stack MEAN
  • AWS- for database
  • Firebase for push notification


Final Thoughts

People across the globe are getting crazy for fitness and health nutrition apps. Wearable products like smart watches and health bands have paved the path for health fitness app development.

Entrepreneurs who are seeking to dive into the multi-billion industry of health and fitness app development, it is the right time to do so.

Hire a fitness and nutrition app development company and create an app like MyFitnessPal. The future of the apps and companies investing in fitness and nutrition app development is bright for both.

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