Fantasy Sports App Development: Top Trends and Challenges for The Sports Fanatics

Do you know, fantasy sports market size will reach $22.31  by 2021?

Fantasy sports mobile apps are a billion dollars industry. Business visionaries, who are seeking fantasy sports app development, can leverage hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.

From the year 2015 to 2020, the fantasy sports market size grew 2.4% with each year.

Generally, the industry is more focused on two sports, and they are cricket and football, but there’s one more game that has been attracting businesses and fantasy sports lovers for quite some time, and that game is Golf – the game of action, fun, competition, and energy streak.

The fantasy apps have lots of fun along with a great business opportunity. In the present time, the fantasy mobile app industry is earning multi-million dollars every year. According to reports, the market of fantasy apps like golf will rise by 12% in the upcoming year.

Currently, the market segmentation of fantasy golf mobile applications stands at 13%, and it is continuously rising because of its popularity. Fantasy football, baseball, and hockey stand at 78%, 39%, and 18% respectively.


Legality and The Fantasy Sports App Development


In developed countries like The United States, fantasy games apps are considered to be the games of knowledge and skills. Whereas there are some countries where fantasy sports law has passed but not yet been implemented, there are countries where fantasy sports bill is on file and the countries where still there is no fantasy sports bill on file.

The legality related to fantasy app development is based on countries’ norms. 


Fantasy Sports App Development & Some Stats

fantasy sports app development

Major Players in Fantasy Sports Applications in the Market in 2022

Fantasy gaming apps have flooded the market in the past two decades. The reason being is their amazing facility to enable users to create their own imaginary team and moreover the possibilities of earning real money.

There are several fantasy games mobile apps available in the market. The most amazing ones are listed below.

Dream 11 – Listed as India’s biggest fantasy sports app with more than 90% of the market share, this gaming app is about fantasy cricket. It has also been the proud sponsor of the 2020 edition IPL – Indian Premier League, which was held in the UAE.

CBS Fantasy Sports – It is a complete digital sports platform where users can enjoy sports-related news and fantasy leagues. Users can play different fantasy sports through this app, such as football, baseball, basketball, and hockey.


Mobile Premier League – The gaming app enables gamers to access other online gaming platforms by winning reward prizes. Users can play 30+ games in this app, and it has more than four crore users from across the country.


ESPN Fantasy Sports – This globally accepted fantasy sports platform has its own fantasy sports application. Gamers can create fantasy leagues of different games like hockey, football, baseball, etc. Team creation, real-time matches, pro-game scoring, etc., are some of the major features of ESPN Fantasy sports.


DraftKings – Listed as a popular daily fantasy sports mobile application, DraftKings has many fantasy games on their gaming grounds that are available in affordable packages. There are multiple options for gamers to play, such as head-to-head, 50/50, and three-person leagues.


Fantasy Sports App Development Trends for 2022

The world of fantasy game fanatics is gaining lots of traction with every passing year. Online gaming apps are becoming more and more popular because of their amazing functionalities and ability to let users win money in real life.

There are many business visionaries who are planning for fantasy sports app development or looking forward to hiring fantasy sports app developers.

If you are among them, here are a few latest trends that you should know before you delve into the process of fantasy sports mobile app development.

Use of VR and AR

Both technologies, Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality are gaining momentum in the world of technology. Through these technologies, gamers get a real-life gaming experience.


Social Media Integration

The social media platform is a place where people share their life happenings. Let users share their gaming experiences on social media platforms. It will improve user interaction, boost marketing activities, expand outreach, and build brand reputation.



This game designing application is one of its kind trends. Gamification enables fantasy app development and helps fantasy app developers fill apps with exciting features that improve user engagement.


Artificial Intelligence

AI aka Artificial Intelligence is an emerging and most trending technology in the world which has taken the technology world on the storm. Through the inclusion of Artificial Intelligence, the user experience gets enhanced. It will be easy for fantasy game companies to solve users’ queries through predefined answers.



For apps like fantasy games, rewards play a pivotal role. When gamers win any game, there should be a provision to incentivize his or her victory through rewards. It improves user engagement, keeps gamers hooked to the app, and helps in building goodwill & trust once they win the rewards.


Cryptocurrency Support

Crypto technology is the future of payment industries. Fantasy apps offer gamers a chance to win real-life money and to withdraw the amount Cryptocurrency seems to be the most secure and best option. It will be easy for the users to pay or earn money through cryptocurrency enabled fantasy apps.


Internet of Things

Also known as IoT, the technology is a next-generation device that has proven itself revolutionized in the fantasy app development world. The IoT technology reads the daily routine of the users and updates them in the cloud. It makes the app more personalized. By 2025 the IoT industry is projected to rise to 6.2 trillion USD.


Other Trends – Some other trends in fantasy sports app development are as follows – Building attractive & fascinating app advertisements, multiple payment gateways, refer & earn programs, Ad-space, manual & integrated data feeds, multiplayer lobby, leaderboard, ChatBots.


Things to Keep in Mind Before Fantasy Sports Mobile App Development

Every app development process includes certain challenges. These challenges make the process daunting. Below are mentioned some challenges that might occur during the fantasy sports app development process.


Information Security

In the internet world, things get a little dicey when it comes to information security. Every user who uses an app wants his or her information to stay safe and secure. 

You can cope with this challenge by doing periodic app vulnerability tests. It helps in preventing fraudulent activities.


User Interface Design

A user-friendly interface of an app is a key factor on which the success of any app depends. Liking and disliking the fantasy app UI is totally subjective. A company has to prepare itself prior with an eye-catchy user interface design. Create default settings and automatic form filling options, to make the app user-friendly.


Right Resource & Expertise

It is one of the biggest challenges. Before you start with the development process make sure you arrange app developers with the right experience, expertise, and knowledge. In absence of the right resources, apps fail tribally in the market.


Data Integration

Fantasy sports apps have a huge user base. From it emerged the challenge of sustaining and integrating huge databases. Maintaining a large amount of databases on a regular basis without letting the apps down is a real challenge.

Make sure you hire a fantasy app development company or a professional with relevant experience that can help you manage huge data like players, teams, points, etc., seamlessly. Having seamless data integration means error-free functioning of the app.

Changing Technology

The world of technology evolves at a faster pace. The technology trending today gets outdated tomorrow. Therefore, it is essential to have such experts in the team who have in-depth knowledge of technology and trends.

Also, it is essential for companies to keep the application updated on a regular basis to stay in the competition.



The market of fantasy sports applications is getting cut-throat and competitive with each passing year. The businesses that are planning to invest in fantasy sports app development have to walk an extra mile to cope with the evolving trends and challenges pertaining to the industry.

It is advisable to hire a fantasy sports app development company before you actually delve into the app making process. The expert guidance will help you finalize technology, type of app, and many other factors that are crucial for app making.

Hire a fantasy sports app developer today and leverage this multi-billion dollars industry.

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