E-Learning Mobile App Development: Cost and Features

The world will no more be the same as it used to be before the pandemic. Different industries across the world are still striving to cope with the sudden jolt given by the pandemic, followed by the lockdown.

One sector which gets affected the most during this time is the educational sector. The lockdown has it has made people aware of the need for e-learning mobile applications.

Generally, the e-learning mobile app is a platform that is filled with all the educational stuff that students study. Through this platform, students can access their academic materials via their smartphones from the comfort of their homes.

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Figuratively speaking, the total mobile learning market of e-learning mobile app development is expected to grow from $7.98 billion in 2015 to $37.60 billion by 2020 at a CAGR of 36.3%, as per Markets and Markets.

We can say that m-learning mobile applications have their worth in gold in the present and the near future.

e-Learning Mobile Apps and The Current Figures

e-learning app development has a current rate of 8.47% and is listed as the 3rd most frequently installed apps on mobile devices.

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According to Statista, the global m-learning apps market is expected to surpass 243 billion dollars in 2022 at a CAGR of 5.08%.

In another report published by Forbes, the global market of e-learning apps will reach $325 billion by the year 2025.

In India, Byju’s, an e-learning startup, is expected to reach $5.5 billion. 

Top eLearning Mobile Applications and Web Portal Players

Edx: Helps students in earning their degree by letting them participate in lectures, tests, quizzes, and personal schedules as per the app.

Coursera: This is an e-learning web portal that is compact with over thousand of courses on a vast number of topics for age groups.

Udemy: This app goes beyond all common subjects & offers classes on subjects such as science, technology, designing, cooking, yoga, banking, marketing, etc.

Lynda: Compact with 564 business courses, Lynda offers classes on subjects such as content marketing, management training, accounting fundamentals, Google AdWords tutorials, etc.

Byju’s: It aims to make the learning experience fun and interactive for the students. It has engaging video lessons on multiple topics along with mock tests and sample papers.

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Top Advantages of eLearning Mobile Applications

eLearning mobile apps are all set to revolutionize the educational industry.  If you are looking for on-demand learning mobile app development, it is the right time you should start executes your plan.

Before you hire mobile app developers to build e-learning mobile app development services, let us learn the benefits of the top advantages of eLearning mobile apps.

  • E-learning mobile application gives students complete freedom to access educational material via multiple mechanisms such as podcast, videos, etc.
  • With the help of e-learning, mobile apps, students can learn at their discretion by understanding the subject at their own pace.
  • Students can anytime repeat the lesson if they don’t get understand it.
  • E-Learning mobile apps lead to better user engagement and improved completion rates.
  • E-Learning mobile applications improve students’ participation rate as compared to traditional teaching methods.
  • Parents can easily track the progress of students.

Different Types of eLearning Mobile Apps

One of the most important attributes which you should keep in mind before you get dwelled into e-learning mobile app development is to know the different kinds of e-learning applications.

Examination apps: These apps help students to examine their learning and knowledge on a particular topic by allowing them to participate in various tests and aptitude series.

Dedicated e-learning apps: These types of m-learning mobile apps are designed keeping in mind a specific industry or domain such as medical, typing tutorials, etc.

Course based apps: Evident to names the course based mobile apps are specifically designed as per the particular course. Courses are available in various formats such as audio, video, text, infographics, etc. 

Vocabulary mobile apps: If you want your users to learn new words in English or in a different language, then the vocabulary e-learning app will be a perfect choice.

Smart connect learning apps: The application is designed in such a way that it facilitates the training and teaching purposes in the easiest manner. Smart connect apps are mostly used in the case of distance learning programs.

The Must-Include Features in An e-Learning Mobile App

General Features of e-LearningApp for Students

  • Panel to facilitate easy registration and easy profile management.
  • Provision to let students easily search and choose the required subject and courses.
  • Clear information on the subscription plan.
  • Easy function to select the required tutors.
  • A strong quiz module for testing students’ knowledge.
  • The platform, where students can posts questions and tutors revert with answers.
  • Must have the mock test papers to let students analyze their abilities
  • Users must be able to pay quickly for courses in which they are interested.
  • Proper notification provisions through which students get updates on their classes, and response from tutors.
  • The in-app chat functionality will help students to connect with tutors in real-time to clear their doubts.
  • Proper functionality to let students track their profess and performance.
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e-Learning App Features for Tutors Panel

  • Platform to easily get registered and manage profile.
  • Tutors can upload new content and modify existing ones easily.
  • Get real-time notifications regarding a query posted by any students?
  • Easy facility to teach in real-time with the help of screen-switching mode.
  • Have the provision of easy payment from students or companies.
  • Tutors can chat with the students and parents without any glitches.

Parents Panel in E-Learning App

  • Parents can track the progress and improvement of their wards.
  • Parents can track the attendance of their children.
  • Parents can keep the performance records of their kids.
  • In-app chatting facility to easily connect with tutors.
  • Parents can check the assessments assigned to the students.
  • Parents can easily manage and modify the course subscription for students and in-app payment options.
  • Get real-time alerts from tutors and admin.

The Must Include Advance Features for e-Learning Mobile Apps

  • The easy sign-in and sign-up process for the one who is new to the app.
  • Easy profile creation and management process.
  • Facility for push notification and alerts for students on new videos, upcoming classes, etc.
  • Real-time analytics feature to track mobile learning assignment, students’ process, assessment score, etc.
  • A role-based dashboard helps users to improve the efficiency and productivity of the app.
  • Make your app multilingual so that it can it will ensure more users from across the world.
  • Integrate your e-learning application with a CRM system that will help in building a great rapport with customers.
  • Strong CMS integration allows users to upload and manage unique content for students.
  • Have a discussion board integrated with your app; it will improve interaction among app users.
  • Have a leader board. It will increase healthy competition among students to study hard to get featured over the leader board.
  • Include multiple quizzes and assessments to keep the track of the students.
  • Proper provisions of document management let users manage all essential documents in a systematic manner.
  • Lesson download facilities help students to down their desired lesson which they have missed taken.
  • The strong chat room plus video streaming facility make study sessions more interactive and improve students’ class engagement.
  • Include the video lesson streaming provision for students to take the lesson on topics of interest for the learners.

Super Admin Features for eLearning Apps

  • Easily the management of users.
  • Easy management of batches and sessions.
  • Easy management of locations, subjects, and credits.
  • Easy management on questions and notifications.
  • Easy management of subscription package.

Technology Stack Required for e-Learning Mobile App Development

Before you hire a mobile app development company for your eLearning mobile application, you must make sure that the desired mobile app development company has the following technologies in their stack:

Mobile SDK – iOS and Android

Real-time analytics – Spark, Hadoop, Apache Flink, Cisco, IBM, BigData

SMS, voice, and phone verification – Twilio, Nexmo

Streaming media system – Helix, Nimble Streamer, Wowza Streaming Engine

Push notification – Push.io Twilio

Mandrill – For emails related functionalities

Payments – Braintree, PayPal, Stripes, e-wallets

Cloud environment – AWS

Debian  – The universal operating system

Database – MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase, Mail Chimp Integration

GWT – For robust programming

Required Team Structure for eLearning Mobile App Development

  • A project manager
  • UX/UI designers
  • Android and iOS developers
  • Team leaders
  • Programmers
  • Quality analysts
  • Front end developers
  • Delivery manager

How to Monetize e-Learning Apps?

Do you want to learn, what are the monetization models for e-learning mobile apps? Check out the below-given points.

In-App Ads – A module where third party vendors promote their goods and services on your application and you will get some extra income.

ECommerce – When any product showed on your mobile app is purchased, then the owner of the app gets a part of the commission.

Subscription model – Have a premium subscription model with additional and advanced features for users.

How much does it cost to build an e-Learning mobile app?

The cost of e-learning mobile app development is based on multiple factors. One of the factors is the complexity of the app; it refers to the basic or advanced features which you want to include in your app.

Another factor is the number of a platform for which you would like to build your application. The cost depends on the factor if you choose a single platform app or a hybrid app, or two separate apps for two separate platforms.

The region of the app development company also plays a vital role. In the USA the cost per hour ranges between $150-$250, in India the cost range between $25 to $50 and in Eastern Europe the cost of development will lie in between $80 to $180 per hour.

The Conclusion

Through this blog post, we have tried to cover all the aspects which you might want to consider before choosing the right e-Learning mobile app development company.

Hire mobile app developer with the right skill set, who understands different factors of an app development process. An experienced agency can elevate the user experience of your app.

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