In the present era, connecting with customers and offering them the user-centric solutions is the need of the hour for businesses. Whether you are a start-up or a large enterprise, customer satisfaction is the foremost concern for everyone, Fexle Services… Continue Reading

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CRM, a customer relationship management tool is a one-stop solution for the marketing and sales industry. These industries depend on CRM for quantifying and building relationships with customers. It allows you to gather and keep pertinent information, including demographic data,… Continue Reading

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Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM platform, and cloud-based enterprise is all prepped up for one of the greatest events, Dreamforce. Salesforce enthusiasts, leading partners, and customers, world’s prominent leaders and leading CEOs will gather to join the session, meeting, and… Continue Reading

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Writing a professional email without forgetting any protocol is a task of its own. Everything in the email, whether it is the body or the subject line matters, especially when you are sending emails to your clients. It is essential… Continue Reading

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Salesforce or SF, the American cloud-based software company, gathers the significant revenue from its customer relationship management or CRM service. The service provides businesses with a great way to connect with customers. With a single view of every client interaction,… Continue Reading

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Outbound sales is a large scale business. The conventional way to get an outbound sales is by a sales rep talking to a potential customer through phones. Sure, the marketing strategies such as promotional flyers, emails, and presentations have their… Continue Reading

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Every customer-oriented business focuses on delivering better customer experiences connected with channels and departments. These experiences can isolate organizations and processes across sales, marketing, services and more. With Salesforce Customer 360 degree view, Salesforce combines Salesforce apps customer data to… Continue Reading

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