Salesforce is the world’s biggest CRM company is also set to rule the analytics world as it has acquired the number one analytics platform, Tableau, fully hosted in the cloud. Salesforce recently acquired Tablaue for $15.7 billion announced in June.… Continue Reading

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Since its inception, Salesforce, a cloud-based software company has been extending its services for business with each passing year.  Another progression in this field is the acquisition of companies to further increase the ground base. Salesforce is going to acquire… Continue Reading

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Midwest Dreamin is an event held by the Salesforce community every year for six years now to promote learning and collaboration. In the event, the latest Salesforce trends around the world are showcased.  The objective of holding this event is… Continue Reading

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From the start, customer experience has an important role to play in business growth. Along with customer relations, business relationships and managing teams also have a significant part to play. Managing all of this on your own can drive you… Continue Reading

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Fexle was founded in 2013 with a headquarter and an office in Jaipur, the company has been helping its clients in managing Salesforce accounts. Since its inception, FEXLE aimed to cover more ground, therefore the company planned to open an… Continue Reading

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