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It is the world’s first tool for content migration in the marketing cloud. With the help of this tool, you can transfer the content of one to another instance or one to another business units as well.
The benefits of Nube Transfer are unlimited. Yet, to tell you, the tool will help you save your ample time, it increases the productivity of the company and employees, helps you save cost, and mitigate the error-prone manual process.
Suppose if it takes 100 hours to migrate your content from one instance to another which is actually a big concern, then with the help of Nube Transfer, you can transfer the same content with 1.5 hours, which ultimately save your 98.5% of the time.
The process is very simple. Sign-in into your account, click on the Start New Deployment button on the dashboard and fill the required details of the source organization from where you want to shift your content and the targeted org to where you want to transfer it. Finally, click on the deployment button and process started.
No you can enter the org details once and then can save it for future use. Data get saved into databased in encrypted format. If you do not feel comfortable saving the configuration, that’s completely fine as well. However, you will have to enter the org details every time you want to use.
There is a filter option available. You can search content on the basis of different attributes such as the name of the content, type of the content, on the basis of category, the date on which content was modified, etc.
Yes absolutely! There is a cleanup option available in Nube Transfer. Click on the cleanup button on the dashboard, fill the details of the org from where you want to clear content, hit the submit button.
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