Salesforce Shopify integration is not a piece of cake. It’s a long, time taking, and technical process where one faces multiple questions. Here are the most frequently asked ones.

Frequently asked questions related to salesforce to our technical team

Yes, FEXLE and its team of Salesforce professionals will help you sync the prices of specific products with the required price books that will save your time and efforts.

Yes, we offer multi-currency support and help you cater to your customers across the world, and you can receive & make payments globally.

Variant as the product is a feature that comes with Salesforce Shopify integration. This feature will help you group multiple variants of a sold product on Shopify as one product in the Salesforce environment.

Our team of Salesforce developers make sure that Salesforce integration won’t give a daunting experience to you or your team. We ensure you have an easy to understand platform that will help you carry out regular operations effectively.

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