Salesforce Pros & Cons: Tips To Consider Before You Hire Salesforce Implementation Consultant

Salesforce is one of the highest using CRM platforms in the world right now with more than 1,50, 0000 customers across the globe. It means that alone Salesforce has a 19.5% market share in the global CRM world. Good Salesforce implementation partners will tell you how?

There are many strong reasons for its popularity and adoption. Salesforce is 100% cloud-based CRM that means businesses can use it anytime and from anywhere. It is a reliable & secure platform, and it is pivotal in enhancing the productivity of users.

You will find many posts that will tell you either the benefit of Salesforce or its disadvantages. But here, we will discuss both – Salesforce pros and cons that will expand the horizon of your knowledge.

As a premium Salesforce implementation partner, we always ensure our prospects make an informed decision if it would be right for your business to invest in Salesforce.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Salesforce

Started as a garage-based SaaS startup, Salesforce has now come a long way. It has become a hub of a self-reliant CRM ecosystem, where users can leverage integrity, comprehensibility, and accessibility.

Its brilliant series of innovation and easy to use features never cease to amaze us.  But, when it comes to operate and maintain Salesforce org, businesses often see it as a daunting & costly affair.

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Having Salesforce in business has many benefits and drawbacks. Lets’ begin with our list and discuss each factor one by one.

Implementation & Launch

As a renowned Salesforce implementation consultant, we know how super-reliable & cost-effective it is to have a cloud solution in comparison to on-premise CRMs. Salesforce implementation requires fewer developers & fewer It resource.

If we talk about configuration, there you still require having admin assistance.  Here are the following major pros & cons of Salesforce in terms of implementation.


  • Being a cloud-based CRM, it can be used from anywhere. All you need is a mobile device & internet connection.
  • Salesforce is a highly popular platform, and you can easily find a professional as per your requirements. (outsourced, in-house, freelance, hourly, contractual, etc.)
  • It is a reliable platform. Many giants like Amazon, Adidas, etc. are leveraging the brilliance of this platform.


  • Success implementation requires expertise and experience. Henceforth, it involves a substantial infusion of money.
  • It is not good for small businesses & projects with limited resources and budget.
  • You will have 10GB storage per organization. It’s not sufficient if you are a large or growing company.

Bonus Tips for Successful Salesforce Implementation

  • Plan on different implementation strategies.
  • Select the most suitable plan.
  • Frame out the implementation process
  • Pre-define your time & budget
  • Consider risks in advance & have prior precautions
  • Have a list that ensures successful user adoption

Salesforce Integration

Salesforce integration services make this platform a desirable one. Its ability to integrate with external systems gives Salesforce an edge over its competitors CRM providers. Be its document management software, ERP, personal planning software, etc. You can effectively integrate Salesforce with any software via AppExchange applications.

On the other hand, Salesforce integration has some technical limitations, and you might require custom development of the integration tool.


  • The integrated systems have automated check on data and ensure lesser manual work. It will lead to improved productivity.
  • You will have an entire list of Salesforce integration tools along with the technical environment. It will let your professionals develop custom Salesforce-centric solutions.
  • There are more than 3000 ready-to-install apps on AppExchange that streamline your Salesforce integration services.


  • Apps available on AppExchange are mostly paid, and you need to go for the subscription of an individual app.
  • Multiple integrations lead to the slow down of the project and Salesforce org.
  • Too many integrations also result in bugs with the new release.

Customization & Configuration

Salesforce customization and configuration have a thin line of difference. People often use them interchangeably, but actually, they are quite different from each other.

On the one hand, configuration refers to the addition of additional custom objects on top of the existing objects. On the other hand, customization is the process of building all together new rules which are not ready and require custom coding

You can go through this blog for more information on Salesforce customization & configuration.


  • Configuration is easy as it does not require any technical skills.
  • You can easily hire a Salesforce consultant, admin, developer to perform required adjustments.
  • It allows you to build Salesforce-based tools through pre-set components, etc.


  • For seamless customization, you need an entire experts’ team including Salesforce developer, architecture, consultants, etc.
  • In case of over customization/configuration, it will lead to poor CRM productivity.
  • There are certain objects such as reports that are difficult to customize.

Reporting Power

The benefits of Salesforce in businesses are numerous, and reporting capabilities are one of the major Salesforce advantages.

FEXLE being a Salesforce implementation consultant, always tries to remain crystal clear with its reporting process. And with its expertise in Salesforce consulting services, it excels in this domain as well.


  • Reports are compact with flexible filters.
  • Reports in Salesforce are empowered by Artificial Intelligence-driven predictive analytics.
  • You can always deliver highly efficient reporting.


  • The basic Salesforce report lacks many perceptive features.
  • It is daunting to analyze essential information about performance.
  • The report generation process is slow. Reports are complex, hard to understand and require experts to help to review.

Salesforce Pricing Models

There are many benefits that Salesforce has to offer, but as an experienced Salesforce implementation consultant, we would like to tell you about the amazing and flexible pricing modules of Salesforce.

There are no strict rules on selecting a pricing model. You can choose the one that fits the best to your requirements, project size, company, the complexity of projects, etc.

The cost of a particular Salesforce model depends on the number of licenses you have perusers, additional products, and Salesforce edition, etc.

Let’s’ take a look at Salesforce pros and cons from the point of view of the pricing module:


  • Users have a scalable option to choose their desired pricing module.
  • The subscription fee is proportionate to the number of Salesforce user licenses.
  • You can easily upgrade your model as and when required.


  • Pricing depends on per user, per month, and a fee is required to pay annually. It will be a huge investment.
  • There could be hidden fees that you bear in case of 3rd party tool integration, customization, etc.
  • You might need to buy certain add-ons with the selected pricing module.

Following are major factors on which we can analyze the benefits and drawbacks of Salesforce:

Salesforce Customer Support


  • Customer support is responsive, speedy, and comprehensive.
  • Eliminate dependency by offering self-service & self-education material.


  • Some believe Salesforce has unresponsive customer services.
  • Sometimes it is hard for users to find the required support from Salesforce.

User Interface


  • Salesforce UI has amazing adoption capabilities.
  • UI is responsive, user-friendly, and simple.


  • You might find the UI a bit old fashioned.
  • Some users find it less user-friendly, complex & less intuitive.

Should I Choose Salesforce CRM?

In the post above, we have discussed all the possibilities and benefits of Salesforce along with its disadvantages, on the basis of different factors.

The world of Salesforce CRM is like an ocean, and from this ocean, we have brought to you the choicest & most significant factors, which you should consider before you hire a Salesforce consulting company.

Salesforce undoubtedly helps you support complex business processes. It improves your sales, growth, customer services and empowers your marketing activities.

However, it is also a bit higher in terms of cost. If you are a small business or have small projects, then investing in Salesforce integration, implementation, and customization will be a costly affair for you.

Don’t rush, sit, think, analyze your requirements, and ask yourself if you will be able to save money and time in the long run with Salesforce implementation than the money & time you are investing in it currently?

Do proceed ahead if your answer is yes.

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