Are You Looking For Best Salesforce Consultants? Try These Best Tips

Salesforce technology has come a long way since its inception. Companies of all sizes and scales are open-heartedly accepting this cloud computing technology.

According to a study by Forbes, Salesforce is the most used and thriving technology in the world covering 19% of the world CRM share. Salesforce revenue grows faster than the overall CRM market by 23%, revealed in the same study.

In another study by International Data Corporation, the ecosystem of Salesforce is predicted to produce 3.3 million new jobs and over 850 billion USD in revenues by 2022 across the globe.

One of the main reasons to know these numbers is that there has been a rise in the demand for Salesforce consultants in the past few years.

Lots of companies around the world are offering Salesforce consulting services. Even companies from small scale businesses to large scale enterprises are seeking a good Salesforce consulting company that can help them with Salesforce integration.

Since it is one of the most popular CRM in the world, it is evident that companies can get confused while they hire Salesforce consultants.

If you are also among the ones who would like to adopt cloud computing technology but don’t know how to hire Salesforce consultants, then this post is for you.

Here you will learn the best tips to hire Salesforce consultants. Don’t skip the blog and read it entirely.


The Best Tips To Hire Salesforce Consultants for Seamless Business Growth

Granular Research

The foremost step to begin your quest to find the best Salesforce consulting company is to start with research. Start your research by identifying all the prospective areas with listing websites, rating agencies, etc. where you can find Salesforce consultants. Then you will shortlist the companies as per your requirements.

In your next research, you will start finding the Salesforce implementation use-cases that are related to your business. It will help you understand the process in a better way.

In the next research, you will confirm the credibility of the Salesforce consulting company, which you have shortlisted by connecting with the trailblazer community or other ways.

Refer AppExchange Platform

As you know that Salesforce has an online application marketplace called AppExchange. This portal lists over 3600 Salesforce apps with millions of installations. You can choose suitable Salesforce consultants associated with each profile, according to your requirements.

The apps listed on AppExchange portal have multiple reviews and testimonials listed, go through them, look for certification that the Salesforce partner possesses and then make a decision accordingly.

Apart from the official source, you can also get connected with vocal Salesforce admins over social platforms and other tech forums. They will help you by giving you the right knowledge about implementation challenges, app feasibility, specific features, and many other queries.

Never Finalize in First Meeting

When you tap any Salesforce consulting firm, it’s obvious that you may get biased by their fancy business proposal and technical languages. But, if you are a CRM fresher, we suggest you take your time to think, rather than getting carried away in the spur of the moment.

Instead of evaluating things on paper, ask your prospective partner for the demos, proof of concept, or relevant studies. Make sure your Salesforce implementation partner has an organized plan of action, they understand your requirements and develop SLA before commence working on the project.

The Logical Argument

There are many prospective who in order to close the deal agree with your every statement. But, this should not be the case with an experienced Salesforce integration partner. A knowledgeable partner always offers business insights and & also understands the scalability of your vision.

Make sure that your prospective partner interrogates about your concept and logically analyzes your requirement by asking you questions about your requirements.

A good Salesforce consultant never executes the plan without caring about the root problem. They understand the workaround for the challenges and work, what best suits your business.

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Certifications Are Vital

Salesforce provides facilities to the Trailblazer community to authenticate their services by offering them certification. A consultant has to take the exam in order to gain these certificates. At present, Salesforce offers 23 certifications.

So, before you finalize your Salesforce consulting company, make sure their consultants have certification.

On the basis of higher certified experts on boards, partners get listed as Registered, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Global Strategic Partner.

Fexle Services is a Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner with 80+ certificates in its account and decade more industry experience. You can hire experienced and knowledgeable Salesforce consultants from Fexle.

Do Not Make Pricing Any Concern

To implement any solution, the first thing that comes to mind is the price of the solution. According to a study by Gartner, more than 80% of data migration projects get shelved because of low budgets and unrealistic timelines.

Salesforce pricing does matter because cloud computing solutions are a bit expensive.

Different Salesforce partners offer different types of solutions. We suggest you to not always go for the cheapest Salesforce implementation. Make sure that they fulfill the requirements that you have in an excellent and time-efficient manner. Ensure the prospective has the required experience and holds the needed expertise on the technology you are about to integrate into your system.

Cost is the cog in the wheel, which one cannot avoid but, one should always think about the long-term results and estimate the total cost by including factors like the cost of internal labor, maintenance, product licenses, etc.

Long-Term Relation

Once you are done with the long and meticulous process of hiring the right consulting partner, it is time to engage with them to build a long-term relationship. A good relationship will help your Salesforce consulting partner to understand your goals and future strategies in a better way, and they can serve you in an enhanced manner. A better communication process helps you save both efforts and costs.


Salesforce Consultant Vs Salesforce Consulting Partner

From the above, both consultant and consulting partner seem the same as they both provide consulting services to the users using the Salesforce platform. However, it is partially true. All the Salesforce consultants are not Salesforce consulting partners.

Who is a Salesforce Consultant?

The one is a specialist that helps clients develop Salesforce implementation strategies. A Salesforce consultant prepares a complete roadmap, executes software integration, customization, and execution for his or her clients. 

Before you hire Salesforce Consultants, make sure they have one or more from the following certificates:

  • Sales Cloud Consultant
  • Pardot Consultant
  • Service Cloud Consultant
  • Education Cloud Consultant
  • Marketing Cloud Consultant
  • Nonprofit Cloud Consultant
  • Einstein Analytics & Discovery Consultant
  • Community Cloud Consultant
  • CPQ Consultant (Configure, Price, Quote)
  • Field Service Lightning Consultant


Following is the list of certifications that you should look before you hire Salesforce Consulting Company:

  • Salesforce Certified Education Cloud Consultant
  • Salesforce Certified  Field Service Lightning Cloud Consultant
  • Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant
  • Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant
  • Salesforce Certified Nonprofit Cloud Consultant
  • Salesforce Certified Pardot Consultant
  • Salesforce Certified Community Cloud Consultant
  • Salesforce Certified CPQ Specialist
  • Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant
  • Salesforce Certified Einstein Analytics and Discovery Consultant

Key Factors To Look While Choosing The Salesforce Consulting Company

Salesforce offers different modules to different businesses as per their individual requirements. Some of the main modules are Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, etc. 

Amidst so many modules and attributes, it becomes difficult for a user to decide what to consider and whatnot.

Here are the top factors of a reliable Salesforce consulting company:

Consulting Partner Status – Registered, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Global Strategic Partner.

Salesforce Certification – Platform Developer I, Platform Developer II, Platform App Builder, Salesforce Administrator.

Optimum Guidance – A Salesforce consultant who understands your business needs, analyze market, competitors, and offers a tailored solution.

Technically Robust – A Salesforce implementation partner must guarantee the seamless functionality and compatibility of a custom Salesforce solution.

Strategic Approach – A partner that follows a strategic approach and set milestone.

Things One Must Avoid While Selecting Salesforce Consultants

  • Do not avoid customer feedback about their services and products.
  • Do not collaborate with a company that is not a Salesforce partner (registered, silver, gold, etc).
  • Do not have a partner onboard without certified people.
  • Avoid the partner with no portfolio.
  • Say goodbye to the one who has no feeling of cultural match and communication.


One should always follow a systematic approach to find a suitable Salesforce consulting partner. The implementation of Salesforce requires a learning curve, just like it comes in any other technology implementation.

We hope this post will prove helpful to you in your hunt to hire the best Salesforce consulting company.

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